Lothian Repaint Pack for the MS Gen 3 Pack

Lothian Repaint Pack for the MS Gen 3 Pack V1B

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This repaint pack provides you with an assortment of repaints from Lothian for the MS Gen 3 Pack. (See Below for Pack Contents)

Lothian Branding.png

Skylink Branding.png

ECB Branding.png

Country Branding.png

Currently Included in the Pack:


Lothian - Standard
Lothian - Skylink
East Coast Buses

Lothian - Standard
Lothian - Skylink
Lothian - Country

I hope you enjoy driving around in my repaints and a big thank you to anyone who downloads this pack!
If you have any issues installing please read over the ReadMe file first, if you still cant install feel free to drop me a PM on here or a message on the support thread.
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Latest updates

  1. V1B - Seating Updates

    Fixes having civics instead of lazzers in the B5TL Standard Repaint
  2. V1A - Bodywork Fixes

    This adds coloured headlight clusters and fixes some lines on the body.

Latest Reviews

Good. Everything is accurate except seating, interior screens and some paint.
Lothian Country logo is the older one, they have replaced it.

Also, ignore the skylink one underneath as the liveries are temporary. They came from Airlink and some are being repainted right now.
Absolutely superb repaints, except your Skylink is now outdated as lothian have just decided to make them light blue and grey ;)
Thanks for the great review! Im going to add in both variants of the Airlink branding at some point.
As someone who lives in Edinburgh, this is fantastic, and highly accurate. Excellent work!
Thank you! Really appreciate it :)
Simply stunning! Never seen Lothian before I don't think.

Thanks for the great review! :)