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After a long time trying to get it right, I’m happy to release the Lothian Group HOF file. As the name suggests this adds in the vast majority of Lothian Group destinations, in fact over 400 of them! There are many more that I could include but I feel this is a good starting point.

This won’t be perfect (but it should all work), it’s my first time making anything for OMSI so tips/feedback of how it could work or look better would be thoroughly appreciated. I may make a similar HOF file for other buses if people would like that.

Like many other HOF files some displays don’t always work with your desired route number, it’s just programmed with simple text and so if I find a better way to do it then I will. At the moment the font appears to only have three sizes on each display.

As always read the README in the download prior to installation. A list of recommended (though not essential) products are there and whilst you likely have them already it’s always worth a check before installation.

My thanks to those that have helped me with the testing of the files as well as the creation of the pack and those of items/content used to make it are credited within the README.

PLEASE NOTE: The Lothian Group HOF file is for display use only and will not pick up passengers.

Screenshots include examples of each company included in the pack (with a special thanks to Whiskey.Stuffs for allowing me to use his brilliant repaint pack for the photos). Though the Lothian repaint is not a requirement, it is highly recommended for aesthetic purposes.

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amazingly detailed and very true to life mate well done for the great work looking forward to see whats coming in the future ;)
good file i tried it really good well done
Hi Tony, thanks for downloading and your review. I noticed you only gave it 4 stars, what would you like to see improved in order to warrant 5 stars? Don't worry I'm not complaining about your review, I just want to be able to make it as good as it can be.
Great hof file that works really nicely and gives a bit of fun to play around with.
Hi Stuart, and thanks for downloading the HOF. Glad to hear it works nicely and that its fun to use! Hoping it might see use in a map one day but for now glad to see pics of people enjoying it!
Lovely HOF, really well done! Very realistic and over 400 different options. Deserves a round of applause, it must've taken ages!
Thanks so much! It didn’t take me too long, just doing it in my spare time (which is quite a lot) during the Lockdown. Was about a week from start to finish overall tho