London Style ALX400 Blinds for Keedlestone 1.8

London Style ALX400 Blinds for Keedlestone 1.8 1.0

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ALX400 London Variant by V3D:
Keedlestone 1.8:
Welcome to the London Style blinds for the ALX400 London Variant.

This .hof file is designed using the London Style Blinds for Keedlestone, for routes 15, 65 and 75.

You can change the blinds using (F8 + PgUP/PgDown) or by using the normal method of changing blind destination.

Here is a blind change video:
I hope you enjoy this .hof file, and it will be updated when 1.8.1 is released.

This file will replace the already existing Keedlestone 1.8 .hof file or will create a new one.

Norfolk Green repaint: Stagecoach Repaint Megapack for Transbus Trident ALX400



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This is much better. I'd say to have Via points on the side blinds instead of another destination blind but thats a personal Pernickitick (If thats a word)
Thank you very much for your review! Yes that will be updated with two files, one with the 'via' side blinds, and the other with the new style of side destination blinds.!