London City Bus C400RX Stagecoach BIO bus repaint pack

UKDT C400R London City Bus C400RX Stagecoach BIO bus repaint pack V1

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London Citybus 400R: [UKDT] London Citybus 400R
Welcome to my Stagecoach BIO Bus repaint pack.

This pack Includes:
Canterbury Bio-Bus
2 Cambridge Bio-Bus variants
also, come with full Stagecoach interior.

Stagecoach BIO Bus repaint poster advert.png

1) Above this Read-Me, you will see a folder named 'OMSI 2'. You will want to open that and drag its contents into your OMSI 2 file.
a. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
b. C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2
This will add the body file and interior.

Credits: go to Frosty for using his parts from he's repaint texture template.

A bit of information on the Stagecoach BIO Bus

The buses are powered by Euro 5 engines and Stagecoach expects the combination of biofuel and engine to result in a 50% reduction in pollutants. The buses also provide free WiFi for passengers and a dedicated team of specially trained Unibus drivers will be behind the wheels.
The introduction of bio-buses in Canterbury is part of a nationwide environmental policy adopted by Stagecoach Group, with the first biofuel project in Kilmarnock, Scotland resulting in a reduction of CO2 emissions by 80%, winning a top honor at the 2010 Green Business Awards. Stagecoach in East Kent has also recently installed an eco-driving system in all its buses which are expected to reduce fuel consumption by encouraging better driving practices.

The first bio-buses in east Kent have entered service in Canterbury. The six Scanias Enviro400 double deckers run on 100% biofuel, are being used on the Unibus route between the University of Kent and Canterbury Bus Station. They represent an investment of £1.1m.

Daniel Kennett
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Latest Reviews

You have done a GREAT job on the Canterbury UniBus but I'm not sure about the Cambridge one as I'm a bus enthusiast in East Kent. Also please can you make the 100 Years Of Stagecoach East Kent livery for the same bus?? Thanks:)
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you. I have done the 100 Years Of Stagecoach East Kent but need to finnish it and release it.
Having seen these in real life, the repaint is very realistic and you’ve done an amazing job! :D
Brilliant work, and fits in nicely with my busway reskin for the C400RX
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you look forward to seeing it. I was going to do the busways repaint my self
Absolutely amazing work! I used to see the Canterbury BioBus come by me every day! 100% would recommend.
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you. Yes I love the Canterbury BIO bus livery best one out of all 3 I live in Kent so got loads of Stagecoach South East livery's in the works old and new including the new Canterbury UNI Bio bus livery and the old one.