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Amazing, quality repaint! I travel on the 108 daily and it looks a perfect comparison! 10/10
Amazing. Loving the repaints :)
Thanks for the feedback! Happy to be part of the team :)
Brilliant repaints! I've been looking forward to this since i seen the screenshot of the Go... branded C400 ages ago!
KM Repaints
KM Repaints
Thanks very much optareversa444, much appreciated, glad you like them, wanted to get them out for you’s 😁
AMAZING work KM! Keep it up, and I can't wait to see what comes next :)
KM Repaints
KM Repaints
Thanks very much The British Gamer, glad you like it, will be releasing more stuff soon 😁
What can I say about this!? Nothing it's so good! Being from Greenock myself McGill's are a excellent addition to Omsi!
KM Repaints
KM Repaints
Thanks so much EddieStobartspotter, means a lot, glad you like them 😁
For Keedlestone in Maps
Amazing map worth the 4.99 better standard than omsi dlc do you guys have a realise date for 1.8.1 Thanks
It's really cool, but it always lags horribly whenever it displays an AI ALX400... :(
Still, thanks for your effort! :)
A truly excellent bus to have in OMSI 2.
Thank you so much for your time and effort you put into converting this bus to RHD, it's always a joy driving it on any UK map!

BTW: Will you be doing a 2-door RHD variant once Add-On London's released?
Thanks in advance! :)
Thankyou! and currently I have no plans to do a 2-door RHD variant myself.
This map is amazing! A lot of routes, a lot of detail and its free! An Excellent rating from me.
Thank you and glad so many people are enjoying the map and the patch update will fix little bugs. Also if we reach the 20 Patreon supporters goal i'll be adding a route too
This map is outstanding! Plenty of detail and nice framerate when driving. Another great UKDT add-on! This is by far my favourite map to drive on my list of maps.

For those that are having issues with the map not loading, the map has assets from external downloads. Open and read the ReadMe file within this map's folder with links to it's dependences. Install those and the map should load.
For Keedlestone in Maps
how do i get the 1.8.1 update , iv gone thu my emails and havent seen an email from you regarding an update. but what iv driven i love this map
1.8.1 hasn't been released yet :)
This right here, is a truly great product.
This product redefines "amazing".
It's a real must-have for any bus enthusiast. :D
I was a bit confused at first on how to start the engine, and the beeping really added much more stress to the situation, but I eventually figured it out. :P

Only request I've got is to maybe have an open top variant (half-open and/or full-open), so that way we could accurately simulate the Hop122 buses here in Torbay! ;)

Anyways, thank you very very much for creating this masterpiece, I really appreciate all the time and effort you put into creating it!
Superb model, although confusing installation. After having five minutes scratching my head to where the file should go I did eventually but this can be explained easier as I was given three places to its place.
Nice repaint, can I suggest a greener smarter travel livery for the C400?
HD Transport
HD Transport
Yes that’s something I may do in the future
As the stars say. Excellent! I love this as it adds more realism to it. Good job!
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Thank you very much! :)
the map wont load is probably because you need to read the readme fil and install the links
I can't install it! I am trying to use the Bristol Airport map and Flora 3 is missing so the whole map is basically sky..
I try to install in my omsi folder in my C drive, I try in scenery objects, just in C drive and nothing seems to work. Map tools still seems to detect that Flora 3 is not installed. Please help.
awesome repaints was wondering if anyone could make a Leicester livery as this would be awesome a bit like 32066 in the Olympia style repaint
i have instaled it and i just get a german error message help me plz
I have never left a review before im usually the silent one that just downloads maps and off i go but this map was well worth this review :-)
i have to say it is by far the best map i have ever enjoyed in omsi 2 thus far, and i have only driven one route upto now (4 to windhaven drop off)

now for the pros and cons
excellent attention to detail
tons of routes of which im yet to try
roads have a nice variety to them rather than getting bored with the same types over and over again

Cons - - - - -
not enough time for me to play as im up early in the morning :(
would never recommend to a friend as i dont want them enjoying this map more than me
My girlfriend wont see me for hours (can also be put in the pros list)

a very well done to you on the effort and time you have put into this map. give yourself a well deserved pat on the back

Thanks For Reading
Pat on the back has commenced and was enjoyed, so thank you :D Really glad you enjoy the map and i know how you feel with the gf, mine didnt see much of me during development of this project. So yeah defo feel ya on that one so apologize to your gf and thanks again dude, appreciate the review.