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Great Map And Gives me a excuse to make loads of bristol airport repaints lol all jokes aside it is a really high detail map considering its beta altough i have one point of criticism the bendy buses stop in the middle of the road and do not move
look forward to the next update, 1.2
Wonderful work! :)
For Keedlestone in Maps
Hello, I wanna ask that I've downloaded the map correctly and also downloaded the dependencies. But I cannot open the map, it shows blue skies, so I open the OMSI map tools to see anything wrong. It says I don't have these files:

Splines\BCS Splines\Strasenschaden\strasenschaden_0,5.sli
Splines\BCS Splines\Strasenschaden\strasenschaden_1,0.sli
Splines\BCS Splines\Strasenschaden\strasenschaden_1,5.sli
Splines\BCS Splines\Strasenschaden\strasenschaden_3,0.sli
Splines\BCS Splines\Strasenschaden\strasenschaden_8,0.sli
Splines\VKL¡¦s Splines\Leitplanke.sli
Splines\VKL¡¦s Splines\Wandspline.sli

But when I checked the files in my OMSI, it has these files.
Therefore, can u help me, please?

B.T.W. I am from Hong Kong XD
Hi, Can anyone help me out please? I installed this map. I seem to be missing these objects. How can I find them?

Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Amur Silver Grass 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Amur Silver Grass 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Amur Silver Grass 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Barnyard Grass 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Barnyard Grass 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Barnyard Grass 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Birch Bush 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Birch Bush 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Boxwood 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Boxwood 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Boxwood 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Common Reed 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Common Reed 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Common Reed 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Elm 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Elm 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Elm 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 4.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 5.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 6.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 7.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 8.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\English Oak 1 9.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Fern 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Fern 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Fern 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Generic Small 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Generic Small 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Generic Small 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Generic Tree 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hawthorn 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hawthorn 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hawthorn 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hazel 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hazel 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Hazel 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Lavender 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Lavender 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Lavender 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Long Grass 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Long Grass 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Long Grass 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Maple 1 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Maple 1 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Maple 1 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\M-R Converts\shrubbery_01_05.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\M-R Converts\shrubbery_04_10.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\PansyYellow.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\shrubbery_01_bush.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\shrubbery_03_bush.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\shrubbery_04_bush.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Simple Grass (Large) 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Simple Grass (Medium) 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Simple Grass (Small) 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Simple Grass (Small) 2.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Simple Grass (Small) 3.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Sycamore 1.sco
Sceneryobjects\UKDT\iomex\Flora 3\Sycamore 2.sco
Before reviewing, asking in the forum thread would be better... Don't you think it's a bit unfair to criticise the map for having trouble installing it?

Install Flora 3 *correctly*. Make sure you install it in the correct location.
a great repaint pack this is love it
lovely mate great job
Brilliant pack, amazing detail. would be nice to see this updated with the Rosso bus repaints seen as Transdev own them now
AMAZING , I see this bus everday. Maybe once the streetdeck is released you could do this livery for that?
Thank you! Maaaaybe i already have ;) ;)
Great Bus to drive and the sounds are amazing with the Badger sound pack, but does anyone know how to get the ticket machine to show the right tickets?
Great mod, always heard this sound on enviro 200s
Works mint on the MAN A21 UK but how do I replace the ticket machine on the Volvo B9TL to the wayfarer 200 machine. I'm still stuck on the default ticket machine and I don't get the noise :::''''(((( Thanks
Hi, The Lothian versions of the Volvo B9TL contain the Wayfarer 200 Ticket Machine and that is the version you see in the video. Unfortunately i don't think it is possible to change the ticket machine in the other versions.
Great pack. Even though I 'tested it' great though keep it up.
So THAT'S what that noise is...always wondered. Sounds great and I'm glad I've downloaded and installed it
Looks semi decent but has loads of missing decals and the interior could do with lots of work
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Thanks for your honest feedback MrChips, I will take note of your comments for future updates/releases :)
Love this repaint, will you be doing any more GNE repaints
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Im currently doing a big GNE pack for the Citaro Facelift UK which wont be done until next year.
Pretty impressive, from memory its very accurate to what they used to have aswell
I never actually saw it myself - though wish I did - so it's good to hear that it is at least reasonably accurate. Thanks for the review.
This map is fantastic with Bendy Bus on the road. Little thing I would like to suggest is that the ai cars at the roundabout do not take any exit. They just go round and round at the roundabout. hoping that will fix soon,thx.
Fixed in 1.1. :)
For Scunthorpe in Maps
Love the map great work! I love driving all the routes and the AI Respond really well with traffic but when you leave the bus station the zebra crossing glitches out for me and then wont let the AI move. 5 Star's from me great job Mr Moose
hi i have downloaded flora 3 but it has not came in a folder and has only came as a 7z file and was wondering if i can get help where to put this plz thanks