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10 months? Far out, hats off to you mate!

This brings so much realism into Scunthorpe, I have a Wayfarer 200 that I place beside my steering wheel for when I go into OMSI and do Scunthorpe, now I can print out accurate runs and get the Wayfarer to hold the run with the help of an elastic band around the top monitor part. But anywho, great job mate, absolutely fantastic addon.
Myself love the map would of liked the seafront to stay how it was agers ago as loved the bus stops at the seafront and love driving on them tight roads out of the seafront other than that perfect and really enjoy driving it i only use this map its great please keep making new routes and please keep up the good work love it dude Thanks for releasing to the public and sharing your creation much appreciated.
It look like a enviro 400
Solid Map but I cant seem to get the routes on the destinations thingy when you set your display for ther Bus
Its a great map there are just 3 walls that you cant see to near the start of the U36 on the motorway by the to foot bridges and one on the 9 route
thats the collision boxes and its advised to turn off until i collision test in 2.0.1 but thank you dude and glad your enjoying the map
Lovely map! I live near St.ives, and it looks really close to real life! Hopefully we get the fukk version soon!
Really good work, could you are U18 and X18 to the list please and let this .HOF work for the routes as well please
I'll start working on an 'outer' HOF, including Discover, Mendip Explorer and Bath-Bristol routes, so I'll probably implement that in an update. I realised I never actually added the U1X, totally by accident, so I'll have to add that too - but sure :)
Its good but needs more work on the gear box
Amazing reskin!!
I've never seen these buses IRL before, but just by looking at the pictures, I can see that you have invested a lot of effort into making this reskin.
Thank you very much!
Alex Davies
Alex Davies
thanks for the positive review, I will be of course adding to this repaint. so keep eyes peeled :)
An amazing, amazing repaint pack!!!
Having travelled on buses with both these liveries pretty often (2013 and before), I must say that this is really a quality product, many thanks for creating it!!

Suggestion Area:

I find it a bit weird that the dash and rest of the bus' interior is a dark blue, since the real Wilts and Dorset Spectra buses always had grey dashes and interior ones. I'd really appreciate it if you'd change the interior to the grey one in both of these in the next update (if you update this pack). :)

Also, I've noticed that, although these seat fabrics are Wilts and Dorset, they're the modern ones. I think that, since the ALX400 is older, the older shades of Grey and Red fabrics would be more appropriate. ;)
And I'd leave the floor just grey, without the blue fabric. I mean, it's nice, but I've never seen anything like that in Wilts and Dorset buses.
BTW: I've seen that it still has Stagecoach posters inside. I can understand that you don't have better ones, I'd like to make some for you, PM me if you're interested!

Anyways, I'm really enjoying using these, it really brings back memories.
Thank you for 100% recreating these liveries!
Amazing bus enhancement pack with amazing sounds!
how do you get the scrolling display?
Amazing! It adds a lot of realism to the C400RX! 10/10 :)
Nice bus, good handling. Would recommend to any RHD map
Best stagecoach repaint ever as well as I got the seats working somehow.Good work,1 question, is the back of the Stagecoach Go Cumberland Livery meant to have a white back with the writing like it does or colour?
A truly amazing add-on for an already amazing bus.
This camera angle makes the ALX400 at least 100x better to drive.

[Suggestion] Please also do one for the Regional-spec. :)

Thanks a lot for creating this add-on, Fulley!
This reskin pack is really beyond amazing.
My favourite of the bunch has to be the SC Gold one. :)
Though I really love all 31.

Every single repaint is so insanely detailed, and the amount of reskins there are in this pack is only half of how grateful I am for this.

Thank you so so much for creating this masterpiece!!
Doesn't beat the C400R pack, but I've definitely improved on detail over the years.
This is so awesome!!
I see the SC Gold buses all the time, I ride them pretty much too, and seeing them in OMSI 2 just makes my so happy.
Thank you very much for creating this excellent add-on!
Amazingly beautiful reskin pack!!
Everyone who has the C400R should have this!
Thank you so much for creating this!

Suggestion: Please also make one for the Regional-spec ALX400. ;)
nice repaint and love the detailed description 5 stars from me
Sounds could be better, but this bus is brill! Please, PLEASE make a C300, as It'll be as good as this!