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i quite a fan on ALX 400 cause first west of england has these but sadly lost them this november and some bristol geminis
nice work looks like the real thing :((
thank you kenzie so kind :((
Great repaint mate, You never disappoint! :)
thank you :)
Excellent Quality sets the main standard for omsi2 repaints
Thank you!
Brilliant! Gives a better experiance to Smarden. I also used this in my video
ROBLOX Bus Simulators
ROBLOX Bus Simulators
Thank you! :D
Great work! Better than anything I could do!
One of the best omsi mods. If you like manuvering large objects through narrow and tight turns, this map is for you.
Unfortunately, the skin only works on the RHD versions of the buses and not the LHD which is what Great Grundorf 2 is as a map, you cant use the skin as the door is on the wrong side, was really excited for this, i hope this can be fixed in future version :-)
but GG2 actually release the LHT Version but i cannot find it
Love the repaints looks so realistic!! one of my 3 of my locals are on this!!
Amazing Repaint im in love!
Daniel Kennett
Daniel Kennett
Thank you

Be nice to see the streetlite repaint for NXWM even though they don't have any to my knowledge, still be good to see them in the NXWM liveries
depicts the real vehicle really well. From seeing it frequently when i was younger its nice to see this finally being made. I recommend this to everyone!!!!!!!!
Great repaint! Very accurate
Great repaints! Very accurate and it's nice to have all variations of the Hop2
Very nice repaint. Thank Louis!
A few stuff on there thats inaccurate, however I am aware you are not from around a place that NX operate, and thats why I have put it to 5 stars, because its actually really good and a pleasure to drive on the map. You also picked a really good bus to brand the 69 in, as the masterlite suits it. Great repaint!
This has saved me so much time and is also very easy to use, especially with direct 'Blender-to-OMSI' coversion in the new updates - thanks a lot!