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Not gonna lie, but i'm not much of a Stagecoach fan but the Streetdeck/Germini 3 actually looks really nice.
Nice but useless on GG2 map because they are driving on the right side...
THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!! I have the Loop as my local service and I am delighted to now have it!! THANKS :D
Great bus but I cant get the destination display working can someone help please??
Loving the detail added to the seats, charging ports these days are a must!
Love this map it's awesome.
I see you have an expansion in the works would this be more routes in the town or some more out of town as well?
Plus are we allowed to modify the map for my own use.
All the best in the future can't wait to see what happens next.
Yeah there is the logo on the bottom bit of the Prince Bishops, As seen in this picture,

Also there is just the whisker's on the front if they could be added will be the last nail to finish this livery but you have done one amazing job through out this whole pack well done 1000% Impressed with this one bud keep up the good work :-)
I Can only say 2 problems with this repaint that one would be the Cowhorn stripe would have made it allot better looking and the Arriva thing on the cab door could do with a little tweaking ! But apart from that looking great i know how much of a pain the stranded templates to this bus are so all the same well done !
Thanks for the review :)
Cowhorn Stripe will be added when I can figure out how to actually apply it and make it look alright lol
The cab door vinyl was a quick bodge so might improve it in the next update
The trees are so realistic. But some are a little bit smaller as I expected. If there’s a way to make them taller, what is it?
But I rate you with 5 stars for your work because it’s a big effort to make this.
Excellent map. Great work!
I'm quite surprised that this has 2 five star reviews, with all due respect. The paints seem to be photo textures that show up on the bus for existing repaints, for the parts that you have actually painted, they're the wrong colour showing up as pink. This is a poor quality repaint pack. Great idea, poor execution. I'm not a brute so I won't give you one star, but an update rectifying this is crucially needed. I'd say if I could, I'd give this 1.5 stars
Excellent 3D model, well detailed, but something still "hurts" me, the weight of the bus. Looks like I drive a very light weight bus (< 1 ton). Hope you can fix that, but V3D is always a good value!

By the way, I'll disable the indicator sound, I know it's not your fault, but, the engineer who thinks this indicator sound is great should be fired. That strident sound all day long, he's just crazy.
Just want to say great work mate.
I Really Like The Cooling Fan On The Volvo ZF.
Very Realistic.
Really Good Quality And A Lovely Bus To Drive!
I really like the repaint and the destination blinds.
Keep up the good work!
Love the repaint, this bus really suits the Hamburg map imo! Only issue is the red at the rear isn't aligned properly.
I definitely remember these Livery's on the 3 and 344 routes a few years ago before Abellio London came in.
High Quality repaints, Keep the good work up, Jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Sorry Ecron :P
Thanks Mrrrrrrrrr Chipsssssssssss! appreciate it
Great to drive, great to look at, sounds amazing. 11/10 would drive daily.