Konectbus Repaint Pack

Konectbus Repaint Pack V1.1

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Required Downloads
Citaro Facelift UK: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/mercedes-benz-citaro-uk-pack.1104/
London Citybus 400R: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/ukdt-london-citybus-400r.235/
MAN A21 RHD: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/man-a21-rhd.1207/
This Konectbus repaint is based off a bus company operated in Norfolk and the outskirts using, Ex Go-Ahead London Articulated Citaros, Enviro 400s, Optare Tempos, Plaxton Presidents and Wright Geminis.

Enjoy :D


- Konectbus - C400R
- Konectbus Express 2/2A - C400R
- Konectbus Express 8 - C400R
- Konectbus Express - Straight 8 - C400R
- Konectbus - Citaro Facelift UK (Articulated)
- Konectbus - MAN A21 UK

-- Upcoming in V1.1 --

Konectbus Express - 5 Series - C400R
Konectbus - Transbus ALX400 Regional

Please read the readme for further instructions

Credits to:
Frosty (Me)
Many thanks - Whiskey.Stuffs for teaching me with shaping gradients etc (He put some logic into my head :D)
and Sambob_12 for helping me so much with uploading files.

UKDT (Devs of London Citybus 400R)
Lowlander21 (Dev of Citaro Facelift UK)
Danielc2525 (Dev of MAN A21 UK)


Please feel free to pm me on Discord or FellowsFilm


Made by Frosty



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Latest Reviews

Really nice repaints here! Can I ask where you got the white LED dests for the E400 (want to complete the look lol)
Thanks very much! It is a private mod I am using but you can get the White Displays mod for the C400R here:
https://fellowsfilm.com/threads/c400r-white-displays-w-2004-2005-trident-sounds.3566/ :D
Nice detailed repaint good work :)
Thank you very much David! So nice to see people enjoy it! :D