KMB MCW Metrobus Repaint Enabler

KMB MCW Metrobus Repaint Enabler 1.1

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I edited the 'Texture-Change' part in the 'model.cfg' of the KMB MCW Metrobus so that you could make repint for it.
It also come with a white template and a set of Great Grundorf Bus Service repaints as a sample.
As the 9.7m version weren't intented to be repainted by the maker, complicated repaint may not look as good as the 11m version (as you would see some promlems on the GGB repaint).

Feel free to redistribute this addon if you are making your own repaint or 'model.cfg' related mod.

Enjoy :)
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Thank you so much! Now I can make my own liveries for this classic beauty!
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