[KL] London Repaint Pack for the [SP] E400 MMC

SP 400MMC [KL] London Repaint Pack for the [SP] E400 MMC 1.1

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Klazomaniac's London Operators Repaint Pack for the Studio Polygon E400 MMC.

What this pack includes:

  • Abellio London - London General
  • London Central - Metrobus
  • Metroline Lodnon - Sullivan Buses
  • London Sovereign - Stagecoach London
  • Tower Transit




- Studio Polygon E400 MMC Pack v1.


1 - Open the zip archive in windows explorer and locate the "Vehicles" folder.

2 - Locate your OMSI 2 directory (normally located at "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\OMSI 2")

3 - Drag and drop the "Vehicles" folder from the zip archive to the OMSI 2 Directory.

4 - You should not see a pop-up requesting to overwrite files. If you do, please go to he directory shown in step 5 and see if there are any conflicting file names.

5 - Your repaints will be located at "OMSI 2\Vehicles\[SP] Studio Polygon 400MMC\Texture\Repaints\ADL\10.3m Dual Door"


Klazomaniac - Main author, contact at: klazomaniac
Rhys - Seat textures used in the Sullivan repaint.

This package was uploaded to www.fellowsfilm.co.uk where you can obtain the latest version and support from the author. These files are only to be provided elsewhere with the permission of the author.

You may make edits to the repaints for personal use, but please contact the author before uploading any edits.
Feel free to contact the author about problems with the repaints, fixes or inaccuracies and i will do my best to fix these issues.
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Latest Reviews

Honestly, this is the only London repaint pack worth downloading so far. It covers every company and has realistic interiors and exteriors. Of course there's definitely some good singular London repaints, but this is a great place to start and works hand in hand with the re-released TSLP.
Thanks for the positivity! Glad you like the pack! :D