Kestrel Repaint and Blinds [ALX400]

Kestrel Repaint and Blinds [ALX400] 2.1

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Transbus ALX400 (London):

Recommended - Farthington Demo:
Kestrel Repaint and Farthington Blinds for Transbus ALX400 by V3D

The Kestrel Logo, included on both the blinds and the livery, was kindly created by Whistlehead for Farthington and originally featured on the Daimler Fleetline. Please read the READ-ME before using.


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Transit UK980
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Latest updates

  1. Kestrel Repaints and Blinds: new repaint for Regional Variant

    Added a new repaint for the ALX400 Regional variant.
  2. Kestrel Repaints and Blinds: now with new repaint [ALX400 London]

    New and improved repaint so sides align with front, admittedly the previous repaint was rushed!

Latest Reviews

It is amazing that the kestrel repaint looks so on point. However the blinds for bus don't seem to work for me. Is there any way i can fix this?
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Had a few reports about the blinds not working, I'm going to see if I can work out what the issue is. I'll post any updates on the support thread. Thanks for feedback!
Very good work on these blinds for V3D's alx 400 (London variant)
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Thankyou for the review