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Welcome to Keedlestone 1.8, featuring routes Park & Ride 15 & PeaksWay 65. In this version, you can drive the section between Rumford, Bexley, and Snowmere. Along the way, you’ll encounter sights such as the winding hills around Snowmere, to the bustling streets of Rumford.

What has changed in this version?
This version is an entirely new standalone version containing routes 65 and 15, both of which are Rumford based.
Originally it was meant to be just an addon update to Keedlestone Reloaded (1.5) but in June of 2017, I decided to start converting the newest addition to the map.

What can I expect in the future?
Good question, when paying for this version (£4.99) you will also get access to future versions 1.8.1 and 1.9.
1.8.1 will include a plethora of duty rotas and timetables to mimic real-life driving hours and shifts to provide a realistic driving experience as well as improved repaints and more.

1.9 will be a large update in comparison, there are plans to introduce 5 new villages and the City of Aldgate.
Route 65 will be extended by around 20-35 minutes and the 65A will be introduced to take a shorter journey through the Snowmere Peaks on the night, Sunday and Holiday times.
Route 15 will be extended into a circular route servicing Rumford town centre, a route 16 will be included to do the opposite circle.

Routes X5 and the 75 will also be included, X5 is an express version of the 65 traveling between Rumford and Aldgate.
The 75 will be the first route to be brought back from the original Reloaded map between Rumford and Keedlestone Bus Station. (this will later be integrated with route 76, which is extended to Landbury University).

How do I install this?
Installation is easy, you will need to download the required files (Dependency link at the top of this page) the installer is self explanatory and will take you through the process.

Once you have purchased Keedlestone 1.8 map files via the buy link, you can immediately download your file but don't worry if you accidentally close the page because an invoice will be sent to you and you can download it any time you wish.
Whenever a new update is posted you should recieve an update email.

If you haven't clicked the arrow after purchasing and clicked the "continue" button instead, check the invoice email that was sent to you (Check the junk/spam folder too because a few have found it in there) There will be a download button on that :)


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Love this map with its detail however I cant wait for the new routes cause the 65 is getting old lolz, great map though worth the £4.99
Hi way you map is not free
Great Map loving it so far please could you tell me a rough date of when more routes be added as im going a bit insane doing the 65 all the time haha
I don't know 100% when the next version will be out but it shouldn't be that long
grand map! could you send me the link for the download please i have purchased before any way you could help? needed to wipe my pc :(
Inbox me with your email and I can get the link resent to you :)
A really great work, with wonderful landscapes -absolutely high quality.
I like this map and 4.99 pounds are definitely not too expensive.
I don't know why everyone is saying this is such a good addon. It's 4,99 pounds for 47 tiles and only 2 lines. Compare this to for example Alheim and Laurenzbach updated which is high quality for 700+ tiles and about 20 lines for FREE. Or another UK map, Yorkshire 2.0: more than 80 tiles also for free. So not too happy that this is £4,99 and I personally think it's not worth it. Perhaps with more lines and a larger map, yes, but in its current state, no.

Kind regards
Please note: You are also getting access to future updates (Which eventually include 20+ routes)
Amazing map worth the 4.99 better standard than omsi dlc do you guys have a realise date for 1.8.1 Thanks
how do i get the 1.8.1 update , iv gone thu my emails and havent seen an email from you regarding an update. but what iv driven i love this map
1.8.1 hasn't been released yet :)
Great map. Haven’t downloaded it for ages. If had the map before but I don’t want to pay £4.99 to play it again. How do I get it without paying for it again
If you inbox me the email you used to purchase I can resend the link for you :)
I downloaded everything needed but there is no map folder so I cant access the map in game.Can I have some help please?
Did you download the main files installer from the SendOwl link that was sent in the email?