[JA] Stagecoach Bluebird Repaint Pack

SP 400MMC [JA] Stagecoach Bluebird Repaint Pack 1.0

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Studio Polygon 400MMC DLC:
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My first official repaint 'pack' for OMSI 2. This initial release Version 1.0 contains 6 real life liveries based on vehicles operated by Stagecoach Bluebird (formally Stagecoach North Scotland).

These are as follows.
10525 front.png
10525 rear.png
10530 front.png
10530 rear.png
35 line up.png
11166 and 11174 names.png

All repaints in this version are for the 10.9M Low Height Studio Polygon 400MMC.

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions i have been unable to go out and get reference photos for repaints, as such the Service 35 interior is currently incomplete, this will be amended in a later version. Additionally i have many other Bluebird livery ideas in the planning for the MMC400 and other buses. So do keep an eye out for future versions!

Please see Readme included for installation instructions and redistribution rights.

Special thanks: ross4122 for supplying floor textures.

Enjoy and remember to get a Bonnie View Fae The Top Deck!!!
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Very nice skins! if need be I can help you provide some references for you as I travel on the 35 for work
Spot on, any chance of doing a Cumbernauld branded one ?
well done it is a amazing repaint good job