Ipswich Buses Repaint Pack

V3D ALX400 (Regional) V3D Digibus Phantom Ipswich Buses Repaint Pack 3.0

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Required Downloads
ALX00 Regional: Digibus Phantom:
Whiskey.Stuffs' Repaint Pack (for Stagecoach Interior): Official Phantom Branding Patch:
Please Note: Repaints for the Spectra are not compatible with the latest updates. These will be updated when time permits. All other repaints work fine!

Ipswich Buses Repaint Pack
for the ALX400 and Spectra
For the ALX400:
  • Ex-London United White and Green Livery (LG02 Batch)
  • Ex-Stagecoach London Light Blue Livery (18/19 - V126/62 MEV)
  • Ex-Carters (8 - LX04 FYB)
  • BONUS Shoreline Suncruisers Livery

For the Optare Spectra
- Ex-Turkey White and Green (50 - P442 SWX)


Transit UK980
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  1. New Optare Spectra Repaint

    Based off their only high-floor example, 50, P442 SWX, complete with its name "Delight".
  2. Improved Seating Textures

    Improved seating textures obtained from Camira Fabrics, somehow I was unable to find them on...
  3. More Repaints

    Added new Repaints: 8 LX04 FYB - Carters 18/19 V126 MEV, V162 MEV - Light Blue Livery Shoreline...

Latest Reviews

Very good job mate, as a local member of Ipswich and frequent user of the bus services the Re-skin Is 1:1 with the real thing, good job wish to see more from you in the future!
Wow, love this repaint. Im sad these are going and the scanias are replacing them (they are nice but the seats are horrible pretty much plastic and a bit of fabric) however in the morning of my am ride I always get a DAF, Old Scania or a rare sight a trident being on the 93a however I always get a Scania on the way home. Anyway a stellar repaint. 5/5
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Cheers mate! I'm a bit 50/50 about the Scanias, they should have repadded the seats and gone a bit more high spec with them shouldn't they!
This is perfect! I have nearly finished of my repaint for Trident 20 (Y436 NHK). Much more difficult compared to this livery though.
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Cheers m8! Was going to have a go myself at 20 and 21 but now you be done one, I'll wait to see what it looks like! 😀
It's alright, although its very basic. There's nothing really inside, its plain white it could do with some ads. The outside is good, really nice. Maybe something for the cab?
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Thanks for the review, I must have set the setvar for interior adverts at 0 for some unknown reason; I'll do an update with ads inside.
Wonderful repaint of my local company - Please may you do the purple+green livery as well :)
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Thanks! I will do at some point, though it is pretty difficult so may take a while to finish! :)