Ipswich Buses Repaint [ALX400]

Ipswich Buses Repaint [ALX400] 1.1

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Required Downloads
ALX00 Regional: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/downloads/transbus-alx400-regional-spec.1225/
Ipswich Buses Repaint
for the ALX400
This is a new repaint for the ALX400 Regional Specification, based off the once many Ipswich Buses Dennis Trident/Alexander ALX400s. In around 2010, Ipswich Buses purchased a fleet of around 10 “02 registration Tridents from RATP-owned London United. All were painted in the then fleet livery of white and green. This livery has since been succeeded twice and the Tridents are now being succeeded themselves by 18 ex-Tower Transit Scania Omnicity Double Deckers.

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Transit UK980
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  1. Touch of Realism

    Enabled Interior Adverts for Additional Realism (More Updates Coming Soon)

Latest Reviews

Wow, love this repaint. Im sad these are going and the scanias are replacing them (they are nice but the seats are horrible pretty much plastic and a bit of fabric) however in the morning of my am ride I always get a DAF, Old Scania or a rare sight a trident being on the 93a however I always get a Scania on the way home. Anyway a stellar repaint. 5/5
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Cheers mate! I'm a bit 50/50 about the Scanias, they should have repadded the seats and gone a bit more high spec with them shouldn't they!
This is perfect! I have nearly finished of my repaint for Trident 20 (Y436 NHK). Much more difficult compared to this livery though.
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Cheers m8! Was going to have a go myself at 20 and 21 but now you be done one, I'll wait to see what it looks like! 😀
It's alright, although its very basic. There's nothing really inside, its plain white it could do with some ads. The outside is good, really nice. Maybe something for the cab?
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Thanks for the review, I must have set the setvar for interior adverts at 0 for some unknown reason; I'll do an update with ads inside.
Wonderful repaint of my local company - Please may you do the purple+green livery as well :)
Transit UK980
Transit UK980
Thanks! I will do at some point, though it is pretty difficult so may take a while to finish! :)