Improved ADL Enviro 200 Cab views and Mirrors

Improved ADL Enviro 200 Cab views and Mirrors 1.0

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ADL DENNIS E200 by GX7767 Studios :-:
This mod changes the cab view of the E200 making it more realistic. This mod also
improves the mirrors as well. I have also added force feedback to the bus for extra realism.

Sounds from the C400R have also been added to the bus, these sounds being the indicator
and the stop bell. Credits goto Badger for making these sounds and allowing me to include
them in this mod.


Drag the Vehicles folder into your omsi 2 directory and replace all the files with those
which are included in this mod.


Huge thanks to Badger for allowing me to use his sounds in this mod.

Check out Badger's content here :) Badger


Do not upload or release and claim as your own anywhere! Action will be taken other wise!

BEFORE (not my photo)

AFTER (my photo)
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hi there yesterday when driving the bus with your mod its changed the indicator and parking brake around. what i mean by that is when i put the indicator on the parking brake flashes on the dash instead of the indicator lights and when i put the park brake on it put a still light on for the right indicator
Great work missy, well done.
Oh thanks dahling, i knew you would come around :P