Hertfordshire V4 Krüeger HOF

Hertfordshire V4 Krüeger HOF v1.1

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For London Citybus C400 ;

Bus by UKDT - [UKDT] London Citybus 400R

Krüeger Mod by PZ 8904 - Krueger++ mod for London Citybus 400 Regional

For TransBus ALX400 Regional ;

Bus by V3D - TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec)

( OPTIONAL )LED Display Modification by BTV - ALX400 Regional - LED Displays

Krüeger Mod by Belevenis - Kruger Mod for the ALX400 by Belevenis Design

For Citaro Facelift UK ;

Bus by Lowlander21 - Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack

For MAN A21 UK ;

Bus by Danielc2525 - MAN A21 - RHD
Please note, the Hertfordshire V4 map is no longer available. Please do not ask for links to the map.

The Mod -

- Changes text along the second / bottom part of the destination display to show the key stops along the route (For 300/301 TO Stevenage & TO St Albans ONLY)

I did not include this for buses terminating at Welwyn or Hatfield because you can come from either direction meaning it would display them in
the wrong order chronologically which to me would look a bit naff.

- As it is Krüeger it looks more realistic to driving in this part of the world

Below are some screenshots from the Krüeger HOF for Hertfordshire V4 in use.
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