Hansons Local Bus repaint for Enviro 200

Hansons Local Bus repaint for Enviro 200 1.1

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KMB Dennis Enviro 200: http://www.omsi2mods.com/dennis-enviro-200-omsi-2/
Hanson's Local Buses were a family-owned bus company operating services in the West Midlands and Worcestershire. This repaint brings their livery into the world of OMSI 2, utilising a custom traced livery from real photographs, and a high quality, vectorised logo to ensure that it is of the highest quality.

It is recommended to use the Arriva Interior patch by jakewilliams alongside this addon, as it significantly improves the appearance of the skin.

As of the 28th July 2017, the company ceased operations, having been took over by Rotala's Diamond Bus.
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  1. Fixed various parts of the side textures

    Some areas where I had painted white on the side were not the same as the rest of the body...

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Very realistic repaint, as someone who catches Hansons everyday I'm very impressed.
Thanks! I've only ever caught two of them, both were Pointer bodied Darts, but they seem to be a nice company. I've been using a National Express issued pass the past two years though, since it was free from my college, so haven't been on many operators other than them. :(