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I have decided to make a Hams Travel repaint for one of my favourite buses. (the Volvo Gemini) I hope you like it, and I will do requests for Hams Travel repaints for buses if anyone wants them.

If you have problems with the repaint, let me know and I'll try to fix them as soon as I can.

Here are some pictures of the Volvo Gemini repaints on the Hertfordshire V4 LHD map

First Version:
Hams Buses Day.png Hams Buses Night.png

Second Version:
Hams Bus Updated Day.png
Hams Bus Updated Night.png
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great work mate, I have to say I was wondering how long it would take for someone to make this repaint, Hams Travel operate near me in paddock wood near Tunbridge wells and are based near Bedgebury so this makes a real treat
I live in the same area and get a Hams coach to school every day. I was searching a few weeks ago for Hams repaints but I just couldn't find any, so I decided to take it upon myself to make some. I'm glad you liked it :D