Hams Travel Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5 Repaint

Hams Travel Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5 Repaint 1.0

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Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5: https://fellowsfilm.co.uk/files/volvo-b7l-wright-eclipse-1-5.403/
This is a Hams Travel repaint for the Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5. It is based on the Hams Travel Dennis Darts.

If you have any suggestions for buses I should make repaints for, or have any problems with this repaint, feel free to tell me, either by sending a message, or posting in the discussion tab. :)

Photo of the Hams Travel B7Ls on the TopGear test track:
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Please could you create a Hams Travel repaint for the MAN SD202. I use them to go to school everyday and I would really like one for the default SD202. Good repaint tho ;)
great repaint again, as always, well done, its a shame there isn't a good dennis dart yet or dennis trident, keep up the great work
Thanks :)

I was thinking the same thing when a hams dart went past me in the morning. I have one in the game but it's not very good. Also, I'd love to see some myllennium vykings as hams have a few of them and I get one to school every day.