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[Growl] London Repaint Set for RHD O530FL 1.0

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Rhys McCollins - GAL Logos​
Conor Hegarty - Quality Line logo + old access sticker​
Please note:
The Quality Line moquette isn't totally accurate because of a lack of resources.​
The interior isn't fully repaintable, but I've done it as fully as possible.​

  1. Stagecoach London 23102
  2. Stagecoach London 23104
  3. Quality Line Epsom Coaches MCL9
  4. Go Ahead London Refurb
  5. Go Ahead London Commericial MEC18
  6. Go Ahead London Grey Skirt MEC19
  7. Go Ahead London Grey Skirt MEC20
  8. Go Ahead London Trainer MEC23
  9. Go Ahead London Grey Skirt MEC25
  10. Go Ahead London Grey Skirt MEC34
  11. Go Ahead London Red Arrow MBA50

How do I install it?

Simply drag the folder 'OMSI 2' from the .zip file (after extracting) over your OMSI 2 directory. If prompted to merge files/folders, click yes to all.
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Amazing, quality repaint! I travel on the 108 daily and it looks a perfect comparison! 10/10