Go North West - UK Repaint Pack

Go North West - UK Repaint Pack v1

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Required Downloads
-OMSI British Buses' Volvo B9TL (v2.2 or later)
Avaliable Here: facebook.com/omsibritishbuses/posts/10153816948092072

-GX7767's Enviro 200
Avaliable Here: KMB_ADL_E2 | studio

-ben_britton's Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack
Avaliable Here: Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack
The new Go North West livery represented on the B9TL (standing in for the B5LH) and Enviro 200. Included is the full livery for both buses; updates in the future will include 'stickered' variants and the B7L (standing in for a B7RLE).

Including details such as:
-New Flooring
-Orange Grab Poles
-Blue Leather Seating
-Orange Mirrors

This pack also enables the flooring and Ticket Machine of the B9TL to be changed.

20190811203610_1.jpg 20190811202912_1.jpg

20190811203506_1.jpg 20190811203107_1.jpg

20190811203620_1.jpg 20190811202944_1.jpg 20190811203804_1.jpg

20190730204837_1.jpg 20190730204910_1.jpg 20190804140744_1.jpg 20190812190348_2.jpg

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