Go North West - UK Repaint Pack

Go North West - UK Repaint Pack v2

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-OMSI British Buses' Volvo B9TL (v2.2 or later)
Available Here: facebook.com/omsibritishbuses/posts/10153816948092072
-GX7767's Enviro 200
Available Here: KMB_ADL_E2 | studio
-ben_britton's Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack
Available Here: Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack
-Masterswitch's Masterlite
Welcome back to the version 2 of the Go North West repaint pack.
This pack contains highly detailed accurate repaints for…
-OMSI British Buses’ Volvo B9TL (v2.2 or later) [Standing in for the B5LH]
-GX7767’s Enviro 200 (with ben_britton’s Enchancment Pack)
-Masterswtich’s Masterlite

All buses have been placed into the full Go North West livery with all having interior features including...
-New Flooring (Limitations mean the B9TL flooring features only stripes)
-Correctly coloured Grab Poles
-Acurate seating Moqueete

This pack also enables the various textures to be repainted on both the B9TL and Streetlite.

For support or to suggest improvements please click "Get Support" on the right or alternatively send me a PM!


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