Go North East Colours Repaint Pack

L21 Citaro RHD MS Gen3 SP Lite Other UK Buses Go North East Colours Repaint Pack 2020-07-08

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Welcome to the Go North East Colours Repaint Pack.
Repaints for the Streetlite, Streetdeck & Citaro.
Inspired by the tag line "Our colourful buses are easy to recognise".

In 2015, the Lime branding had become defunct, this lead way for Coast & Country.


(Lime not included)

With the Streetlite quickly becoming the fleet standard for single deckers, the time
for Renowns and Solars was limited. Thankfully, low cost routes kept many Solars in service until now.


The Angel service was allocated G2 B5LHs, replaced in 2017 by B5tl Streetdecks.
The B5LHs now spend their days on the Coaster services based at Percy Main.



With many, many Gemini 2s in the fleet in nearly every depot, there's some interesting liveries, 3 of which are captured here.


With around 100 Citaro's in the fleet, it wouldn't be right to leave them out in their many, many forms.
Including Diamond, Blaydon Racers, CityLink 57, Connections4 , TEN & The 9.


Again, with around 100 units in service, the Wright Streetlite has many colourful liveries, some of which are presented here.

Now featuring the Black Cats livery, with the Prince Bishops, Coast & Country and The 49
all receiving touch-ups and general improvement.
Now actually having some rear adverts, finally got around to doing them as well!
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Latest updates

  1. BlackCats Update!

    Uploaded the correct version oh the BlackCats livery, apologies for uploading the old one :/
  2. Lite Update!

    It's about time I updated the Lite paints, they're now in a separate download so if you don't...
  3. Touch up!

    Various touch ups to liveries, corrections in CTI files.

Latest Reviews

great, but why is it just the SP repaints?
It is? Thanks for bringing it to my attention, I'll get it fixed ASAP.
Love them, I Also live in the NE where these buses are, Do you have a link for the Renown Lime Repaint?
Hi, glad yo hear you love the repaints! :)

I'm finishing up redoing the Lime repaint and possibly a version on the Streetlite, I'm not entirely sure whether FF would host the Lime Verion but I'll definitely supply it privately if not.

Thank you!
Yeah there is the logo on the bottom bit of the Prince Bishops, As seen in this picture,


Also there is just the whisker's on the front if they could be added will be the last nail to finish this livery but you have done one amazing job through out this whole pack well done 1000% Impressed with this one bud keep up the good work :-)
Hi there!

Apologies for just seeing this now, been busy with life.

Thanks for the feedback, I couldn't find any solid sources for the front decals to work off. I'll definitely add them in the next update of the pack.

Thanks for the positive comments! Glad you're enjoying the pack!