Go North East 2019 Corporate Livery Repaint Pack

Go North East 2019 Corporate Livery Repaint Pack 1.1

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Required Downloads
Not all these are required to run the pack, you just need to respective bus for the livery/ies you want (eg if you just want the Citaro liveries, you only need the Citaro)

- Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack by Lowlander21: Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK Pack
- Transbus Trident ALX400 (Regional) by V3D: TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec)

In March 2019, Go North East revealed its new corporate livery, coinciding with the opening of the Hownsgill depot in Consett. The livery was showcased on Wright StreetLite vehicle 5452 and a special version for the Cobalt Clipper routes was shown on a Volvo B9TL.

Later in March, other vehicles started appearing in a revised version of the livery, most notably the red extending further back, and the addition of a blue front panel.

On 19th May 2019, Go North East made changes to a large number of routes, notably the discontinuation of service 36, leading to the discontinuation of "Wear Xpress" services X5 and X5A, as wel as amendments to other routs. Service X5 has been replaced by services 55 and 55X (service 55 operates via Silksworth, and service 55X operates
the same route as the former X5, but only at peak times), and service X5A has been replaced by service 55A. In June, Go North East started debranding the vehicles used on the 55s into its corperate livery, starting with 5286 - this making my previous prediction that it would be the Connecions 4 buses false. In keeping with some former 'Prince Bishops' StreetLites, the blue front has been dropped entirely from new paints.

This pack features all three renditions of the livery on Lowlander21's Citaro and the March revision (blue front) on V3D's ALX400R Trident, inspired by Scania Omnidekka vehicle 6143. See image above - before anyone asks, bottom left map is Grundorf, and the other three are on a map that is currently private.

As the livery is rolled out to more vehicles, I will be updating this pack in due course.

Information on installation can be found in the readme.
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