Go Ahead London Mini Repaint Pack

UKDT C400R Go Ahead London Mini Repaint Pack v2.1

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This repaint pack is currently on version 2.1 and contains 4 repaints!
The pack currently supports 1 bus(es)/pack(s), those being:

This pack was mainly created by me (Myles), but other people have chipped in, and have been credited where appropriate.

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Below is a "slide" for you to view. Underneath the slide, there will be a list of the repaints included in that slide, and what they'll appear as in the in-game selection menu.

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[TBG] Go-Ahead London
[TBG] Go-Ahead London (Panel Replacement)
[TBG] Go-Ahead London General
[TBG] Go-Ahead London (Grey Skirt)


Below is a list of people who have helped make this pack possible. Without their help, this would have either been delayed by a long time, or simply just not happen in the first place.

Dan (DJ98) - Go-Ahead logo
Frosty - Enhanced repaint templates.
Ddogb (JTRepaints) - Front TFL/Wheelchair access sticker. Rear £80 fine sticker for the London General repaint.
Tom9962 - Providing reference images, "nqa" sticker, and has just been a general help with the pack.
Myles W
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Latest Reviews

Well Done for the repaint i love it keep up the good work
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you so much for the continued support! :D
It's good. Nice and realistic, but did the repaint need to be of a specific bus? It kinda confides you (well me at least) Into choosing just that bus. Why not just have a Grey skirt repaint, which I'm not even sure the C400R has? Eitherway It's nice and close to home and I like it a lot!
Myles W
Myles W
Hi, thanks for the kind words. I did this specific repaint because somebody requested for me to do it. I may do an update in the future to have unbranded liveries and for more. Uses, but I’ll see.
Great Livery! :)
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you! Happy to hear such kinds words from the community!