Go Ahead London (E132) repaint for the C400R

Go Ahead London (E132) repaint for the C400R 1.2

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to download my repaint. This time, I have chosen to do the Go Ahead London General E132 repaint. This repaint was requested in my Repaint Request Thread.


PLEASE make sure you read the README file included with this download to ensure you can use my repaint to the best of its ability!

JTRepaints : Allowing me to include his GAL interior.
iDan98 (Stour Valley98) : Providing me with and allowing use of his Go Ahead London General logo.
Frosty: His amazing repaint template!
UKDT: the bus.

PLEASE, if you find this repaint anywhere else other than this forum, alert me immediately! This file is to be only found here on fellowsfilm.com.

You are NOT allowed to reupload without my permission, you are allowed to edit the repaint, but make sure you DON'T RELEASE IT! If you ask nicely, I might let you, but if I'm not in a good mood, I won't.

If you find any large mistakes with the livery, please let me know, but if they're minor, I'm less likely to change it.
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The British Gamer
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It's good. Nice and realistic, but did the repaint need to be of a specific bus? It kinda confides you (well me at least) Into choosing just that bus. Why not just have a Grey skirt repaint, which I'm not even sure the C400R has? Eitherway It's nice and close to home and I like it a lot!
The British Gamer
The British Gamer
Hi, thanks for the kind words. I did this specific repaint because somebody requested for me to do it. I may do an update in the future to have unbranded liveries and for more. Uses, but I’ll see.
Great Livery! :)
The British Gamer
The British Gamer
Thank you! Happy to hear such kinds words from the community!