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GMT Orange Brown and White livery 1.0.

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A 1980's repaint that was worn by Leyland Atlanteans.
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Alex Davies
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Yeah, the yellow and black(?) lines don't really add up, that's a glaring one...

Also, it appears you've painted the mirrors orange, I think you may have messed up your layers.

Finally, I've compared it with a copy I have on my laptop and the real thing - I'm afraid you've not got the right font for the GMT logo, its supposed to be Helvetica Bold.

Fix all that, and I think this will go a long way. I've got this fixation for Greater Manchester Buses, and it'd be nice to get a proper GMT livery or two for OMSI 2.
Alex Davies
Alex Davies
Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately I don’t think there will be any more updates to the repaint
Amazing reskin!!
I've never seen these buses IRL before, but just by looking at the pictures, I can see that you have invested a lot of effort into making this reskin.
Thank you very much!
Alex Davies
Alex Davies
thanks for the positive review, I will be of course adding to this repaint. so keep eyes peeled :)