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Transbus ALX400 Reigonal Spec - TransBus ALX400 (Regional Spec)

Work started on Gainsborough around 3 years ago. Due to personal circumstances, I do not have the same amount of time to commit to making maps for OMSI - therefore, I have decided to release Gainsborough in it's 95% complete state, so that the community can enjoy it as they wish. The 5% is made up of adding finer details, tidying up some junctions, tweaking AI rules etc. The map is perfectly playable, and is being released so that it doesn't gather dust on my PC for another 6 months. The release should be considered as a public BETA almost, although several rounds of testing have taken place over the last couple of years.

Welcome to Gainsborough...

Gainsborough is a small market town, on the bank of the River Trent, in rural Lincolnshire. Located approximately 15 miles south of Scunthorpe, and a similar distance north of the City of Lincoln. Public transport in these parts is sparse, compared to other major towns and cities in the UK.

The main bus operator in Gainsborough is Stagecoach, who operate 2 town bus routes, each operating every hour – as well as a handful of rural services operating hourly at best which serve some areas of the town. In OMSI, the network has been somewhat enhanced to make things more varied. The operator is a modern incarnation of “Lincolnshire Roadcar” – who operated almost all bus services in the Lincolnshire area from de-regulation until 2005, when they were purchased by Stagecoach, as part of the acquisition of the “Yorkshire Traction” group of operators.

This map has been released as almost a public beta. It has been in production around 3 years, but due to other “real life” commitments, is being released in an “as-is” state, so that it doesn’t gather dust on my computer for another year. That said, the map is almost complete, but is missing some more detailed items that more modern maps include, and a few AI issues.

Routes & Timetables
The routes and timetables included are semi fictional. The 1 and 2 ciruclars are true to life, although each operate hourly in “real life”, and run cross town to Morton. The 3 is covered by Interconnect 100 Scunthorpe to Lincoln.

In OMSI, the routes have been re-designed so only full routes are included in the map. A “public timetable” guide is included in the download, but in summary, the routes are:

1: Gainsborough > Park Springs Every 30 minutes
2: Gainsborough > Park Springs Every 30 minutes
3: Morton > Gainsborough > Lea Every 60 minutes

In addition, there is route 590 – a School service linking the estates to the Queen Elizabeth High School near Morton. There is no public timetable for this route, as it operates exclusively for pupils attending the school. You should disable ticket selling when operating this route. It operates from Park Springs, to Newlands, Town Centre and Morton to the school, and reverse, once each way, Monday to Friday. As it operates only to the school, you should find passenger journeys reflect this (only boarding on the Am journey to the school – and only alighting on the pm journey home again!). Early running is permitted on the homeward afternoon journey.

Full public timetables are included. Vehicles used are the ALX400 (Route 3 and 590), and Enviro 200 MMC (Park Springs circular’s). The PVR of the network in OMSI is 3 vehicles. Roadcar repaints are included.

Timings are designed with the intention that, with the exception of the 590 – players are using full “Advanced” ticket selling, and have a realistic (No speeding!) driving style. If you are not, or exceed normal driving speeds then you will find you probably run early in most routes

Like with my Scunthorpe map – Passenger numbers are low here. This is realistic. Gainsborough is a small town – you can walk from most areas into the centre within 20-30 minutes. Parking is free or very cheap in the Town Centre too, and car ownership is generally high. For most, unfortunately, the bus is the transport of last resort.


Tickets please...

Gainsborough Town has a flat fare system in place for all journeys made. Fare types available are as you would expect,

Adult Single - £1.70
Adult Day Ticket - £3.00
Adult Weekly - £8.00

Child “half fare” versions of the Single and Day Ticket are also available on the bus.

On my last visit to Gainsborough, it was noted, quite unusually - concessionary free bus pass passengers were still issued with paper tickets when placing their card on the reader. This has been replicated, passengers will present no money, but still require a ticket to be issued! Those that scan a pass on the reader as assumed to be day, weekly or other ticket holders.

Finally, Thank you to all those that have contributed to this map, through creating repaints, objects and splines, offering advice, criticism, and suggestions for improvements, and testing the map - in some cases repeatedly over the last 3 years. Without you, this map wouldn't exist!

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Latest Reviews

An excellent map. Well done. Love all of it!
This is a truly excellent map. There's just something indefinable about it that puts a smile on your face right from the first go. After just two minutes of driving Route 3 from Lea towards Morton, it instantly became my favourite.

As others have said, the amount of work that went into it must have been considerable, and it shows. But, for me at any rate, the most remarkable thing is that it all works, with only minor 'staggers' so far. Now that's something you don't often encounter with OMSI maps, freeware OR payware.

The author claims that it's only 95% complete, but that's already enough for me. Yes, there are minor 'problems', such as crazy AI-drivers who pull out on you at junctions - but name me one OMSI map where that doesn't happen.

Congratulations on a first-rate job, Mr Moose, and many thanks for making this
available to the community.
The route is a breeze to drive
Awesome map! I have a few issues with people not alighting at the end of routes sometimes but cannot fault it any other way. Good work. :D
Beautiful map! Love the use of the UKDT Flora, the flowers and shrubs on the side of the road. Never been to this area of the UK so I can't say anything abou the map's realism, though I trust it's very accurate. Eitherway, I absolutely love Gainsborough! Thanks a lot for creating it!
Very detailed and fun to drive map!
Just had a little drive of this, and it's amazing! Performs great, lovely scenic drives.
I always play with collisions on because it forces me not to drive like a lunatic. I barely got far in the map on route 2 before crashing into a building collision box. This seems to be a common problem with left path maps and it really ruins the experience for me. I'm surprised nobody has said anything yet.

Overall, the aesthetic of the map is great but the choice to use objects with a cube collision mesh that extends far out onto the road makes the map unplayable with collisions on. It certainly is a shame because otherwise it's a good map.
Just the bus station needs to be redone abit more wider to park buses on the left, and ai driving through parked vehicles apart from that its good.
The map is amazing and I have encountered no problems at all! AI traffic works perfectly and it is a really enjoyable map to drive on with the routes being short, sweet and simple. However while I love driving on this map, route 3 can be abit of a "ball-ache" because there is simply too much time to do this route, I do appreciate that making it every half hour would always mean drivers are rushed and late but I would rather finish at Lea Green and have a 15 min break than constantly wait and wait and wait at bus stops. The circulars are also abit annoying with the timing whilst the school service is very tight and on-point. However this is not a big issue at all and is only down to my driving style and preference and has nothing whatsoever to do with the running of the map.

-The map throughout is highly detailed
-The routes are attention grabbing and don't make you bored
-There is even duties for drivers to go by!

I recommend that you get this 10/10! Thank you so much for this amazing map :)