First West Yorkshire Repaint Pack for the Wright Streetlite (Studio Polygon Lite)

SP Lite First West Yorkshire Repaint Pack for the Wright Streetlite (Studio Polygon Lite) 2.3

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Studio Polygon Lite -

Contains repaints for the following First depots, for a total of 11 repaints:
  • Bradford
  • Halifax
  • Huddersfield
  • Leeds
  • York
If you have version 2.2 or older of this repaint pack installed and are updating to version 2.3 and beyond, it is highly recommended you remove the repaints' directories from your OMSI install before installing V2.3, as the PNG files in your current install are now redundant.
This is everything inside:

  • OMSI 2\Vehicles\[DLC] Studio Polygon Lite\Texture\Repaints\10.8m\Cummins\ThisIsAlex\First
  • OMSI 2\Vehicles\[DLC] Studio Polygon Lite\Texture\Repaints\11.5m\Daimler\ThisIsAlex\First

If you haven't done so already, you will need to purchase the Studio Polygon Lite DLC by Studio Polygon. Get it here: .

To install the repaints, simply drag and drop the "OMSI 2" folder into your SteamApps\Common folder (this will more than likely be yours: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common). If you're having difficulty finding it, if you've pinned your OMSI 2 folder in Windows Explorer, you can open up "OMSI 2" and drag and drop the Vehicles folder into there. Nothing should be replaced.

The repaint will appear under the following names:
  • First - Huddersfield (Clairo Immunity Ad) [TiA]
  • First - Huddersfield (Olympia) [TiA]
  • First - Leeds (Olympia) [TiA]
  • First - York (Clairo d001 Ad) [TiA]
  • First - York (New) [TiA]
  • First - York (Olympia) [TiA]
  • First - Bradford (Clairo d001 Ad) [TiA]
  • First - Bradford (Clairo Immunity Ad) [TiA]
  • First - Bradford (Olympia) [TiA]
  • First - Halifax (Red Arrow) [TiA]
  • First - Halifax (Red Arrow 2) [TiA]
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