First West Yorkshire Barbie Repaint Pack (Branded)

First West Yorkshire Barbie Repaint Pack (Branded) 2017-09-15

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AD156 - Volvo Gemini 2
***If this repaint does not work on your PC you may need to download VGxT4CT1CZz's Barbie Repaint here: ***
Welcome to theBrandees
This repaint pack is designed to simulate First West Yorkshire Volvo Gemini's between 2005-2012. There are several branded repaints from all depots in West Yorkshire. All of these repaints have been re-created in high quality detail using correct colours to closely represent the real thing. Images over windows have been created to look like the contra-vision vinyl used in real life.


First Halifax - Something to smile about Orange Line 503
First Halifax - Something to shout about Lime Line 576
First Halifax - Thinking of you Red Line 508
First Halifax - I'll see you again Green Line 590-594
First Huddersfield - Thinking of you Brown Line 363
First Bradford - Connecting the regions X6
First Bradford - Connecting the regions 72
First Leeds - Red/Blue Line 2/3/3A/12/13/13A
First Leeds - Sky Blue Line 6
First Leeds - Turquoise Line 56
First Leeds - eXpress yourself X84
First West Yorkshire - Generic (Advert Boards and No Avert Boards)

To install this repaint pack, simply drag and drop the 'Vehicles' folder into your main OMSI 2 directory. However please see the ReadMe file located in the download.

Other Information:
If you wish to use this pack in any maps or AiLists, please contact me via personal message on FellowsFilm (JoshYouWerLad). Also, if you wish to modify and release this repaint pack for any maps, please contact me for permission and credit me in the download (I will 99% of the time say yes as long as there are clear changes to the repaints).

Thank you for downloading, please enjoy and happy driving!

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-22-57-83.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-23-52-32.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-25-16-99.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-30-13-13.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-27-02-42.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-32-09-10.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-33-34-53.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-35-10-65.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-36-27-81.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-37-36-06.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-38-56-28.png

Omsi 2017-09-13 16-41-01-60.png
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OMG! BRADFORD REPAINTS <3 Im from bradford my self and it Good to see the old repaints i see Next you should do the Renown As That is my fav Bus From First ;) My fav has to be the X63 as i ride on them everyday to/from school!
They are just great lost for words well done mate
Cheers, I enjoyed making them.
A beautiful set of repaints, the level of detail is staggering, I actually don't have the words to describe the quality. Faultless work, my friend! Bravo! 5 star rating from me.
Thank you! Expect more on the way ;)
A truly superb pack of repaints. The level of detail you've gone into is absolutely phenomenal. Time to re-live some childhood memories!
Thank you for your kind words!
Amazing repaint! :D
Glad you like them! If you have a favourite, let me know! :-)