First Solent & Southampton for SP Lite

SP Lite First Solent & Southampton for SP Lite v3.1

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This pack consists of 21 highly accurate repaints, based on the livery applied on First's Solent and Southampton branded Streetlites, for the Studio Polygon Lite pack.

10.8m Cummins Lite
  • First Solent Standard
  • First Solent Advert
  • First Solent Contactless
  • First Solent Euro 6
  • First Solent Euro 6 & NHS Sticker
  • First Solent Euro 6 & New Drivers
  • First Solent Large Logo
  • First Solent New Drivers
  • First Solent NHS Sticker
  • First Solent Lilac W Badge
  • First Solent Ex-2 Branded
  • First Solent Ex-2 Branded & NHS Sticker
  • First Southampton Standard
  • First Southampton Advert
  • First Southampton Euro 6
11.5m Cummins & Daimler Lites
  • First Solent Standard
  • First Solent NHS Sticker
  • First Solent Lilac W
All repaints also have a full interior, featuring custom adverts.

These repaints include full correct decal and sticker placement, as well as a full interior.

GZ11 - Various logos and Euro 6 stickers
jackbayntun - Essential resources to help with the repaint.



Lastly, I would also like the thank Studio Polygon for this amazing set of buses.
To see progress on upcoming repaints by myself, GZ and COSMIC, join my discord server.
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Latest Reviews

Looks really good well done, Like how you included Covid19 ads on the interior
Amazing to see a good representation of my local services! Will you be releasing the HOF as a demo like you did with the Stagecoach South E400MMC repaint pack you did?
Thank you, I might include them in a future update but I wouldn't release them in an update on their own. Feel free to DM me if you want them though :)
Very good, however, it would be better if it had the stickers regarding the fitting of Euro 6 Engines applied.
Thank you for your feedback, I might add these stickers in a future update but they could be difficult to source. However, 1.1 of this pack should be getting approved soon and that will include fixed alignment issues and a few new textures.