First Repaint Pack

MS Gen3 SP Lite UKDT C400R V3D E200MMC First Repaint Pack v2.21

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Gen 3 Branding Patch: Masterswitch Studios

Studio Polygon Lite Branding Patch: Studio Polygon

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This repaint pack is currently on version 2.21 and contains 19 repaints!
The pack currently supports 4 buses/packs, those being:
MS Gen 3 Pack (StreetdeckG2, StreetdeckG3, both 10.5m)
SP Lite Pack (11.5m Cummins)
V3D E200MMC (11.5m)

This pack was mainly created by me (Myles), but other people have chipped in, and have been credited where appropriate.

When you hit "Download", there will be a choice for you to download multiple files. Do not panic, this is intentional. As I have widened support from just one bus, that means that obviously the dependencies have changed too. To avoid disappointment/confusion, I have separated each bus into different .zip files, to make it easier for you, the player, to download and install. With this, I have also included independent readme files with each file, instead of just having one huge one that could get clogged up, and due to the fact there are separate files in the first place.

repaints included.png

As I have said, support has been widened, so more repaints are included, for more buses. Therefore, each bus/area-specific set of repaints will have their own "slide" for you to view. Underneath the slide, there will be a list of the repaints included in that slide, and what they'll appear as in the in-game selection menu.

UKDT C400R.png

  • [TBG] First Barbie
  • [TBG] First Olympia (Old Interior)
  • [TBG] First Olympia (New Interior)

Studio Polygon Lite.png

  • First Leicester
  • First Leicester - 25/26
  • First Norwich - Green Line

G3 (Leicester).png

  • First Leicester (Unbranded)
  • First Leicester
  • First Leicester - 22 branded
  • First Leicester 54 branded
  • First Leicester 14/14A Branded

G3 (Others).png

  • First Olympia
  • First Olympia "Purple Front"
  • First Olympia (Staircase) (not included in screenshot)
  • First Olympia "Purple Front" (Staircase) (not included in screenshot)
  • First Worcester 44 branded
  • First Norwich - Pink Line
  • First Cotterell - U/X18

G2 (Norwich).png

  • First Norwich - Blue Line
  • First Norwich - Red Line
  • First Norwich - Turquoise Line
  • First Norwich - Yellow Line

G2 (Standard).png

  • First Olympia (AdBoard error has since been fixed)
  • First Olympia (Glass Staircase)

E200MMC (Standard).png

- [TBG] First Olympia

Below is a list of people who have helped make this pack possible. Without their help, this would have either been delayed by a long time, or simply just not happen in the first place.

  • _Montagne - Providing graphics for the Leicester streetlite repaints.
  • TheBritishGamer (Myles) (me) - Creating repaints, decals, stickers, graphics, and much more!
  • MrChips - Creating the "First Olympia" repaint for the E200MMC. (To be replaced)

  • Dan (SV98) - Providing decals, colour codes, and so much more for the Leicester variants
  • LazyGuy222 - Providing reference for the "First Leicester" repaints.
  • Aaron Smith - Guidance.
  • BlueOrange - Helping correct setvars.
  • Jem - Helping correct setvars.

  • Masterswitch Studios - G3 Pack.
  • Studio Polygon - Streetlite pack.
  • UKDT - C400R
  • V3D - E200MMC

  • Scotrail_605 - Providing interior advertisement(s).
  • Leland Hill - Providing exterior advertisement(s).
  • Alex S - Providing exterior advertisement(s).
  • leafygreens - Providing interior advertisement(s).
  • Frosty - Providing interior advertisement(s).

Thank you for hopefully downloading this pack, and I hope you enjoy.
Myles W
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Latest Reviews

Thank You Myles For The Repaint its looks good and nice
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you!
good repaints, would recommend
Utterly stunning! I love all the different variants, 5 stars!
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you very much for writing this kind review! Glad to hear that you're enjoying the pack.
Brilliant repaints. Thank you for creating them
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you so much for the kind review!
Very nice quality repaint pack with great choice!
Myles W
Myles W
Thank you! Glad you are enjoying it.