First Olympia "The Star" Repaint Pack

First Olympia "The Star" Repaint Pack V2.0.0

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London Citybus 400R:
Volvo B9TL: (Download for the different bus versions are down the page)
Volvo B7L 1.5:
First Olympia "The Star" repaint pack V2.0.0

This pack contains 3 First Olympia "The Star"
repaints. There are ones for the DIWA and Ecolife varients of the C400R, Volvo B7L 1.5 and Gasket varient of the Volvo B9TL.
This is for the fellowsfilm forums only and if found anywhere else please PM me on the fellowsfilm forums to let me know!

Also please feel free to check out my other files! :)
link (Resources from danielc2525)

Credit to:
Rhys, Road-hog123, Whistlehead for some of the original olympia interior textures included in this pack.


Citybus 400R by Rhys, Road-hog123 and Whistlehead

Link to bus: ([UKDT] London Citybus 400R)

Volvo B9TL:

Link to bus: ( (Download for the different bus versions are down the page)

Volvo B7L 1.5

Link to Bus: (Volvo B7L Wright Eclipse 1.5)


After downloading the repaint open the OMSI 2 folder and drag the "Vehicles" folder into your OMSI 2 installation folder

Then launch OMSI and you are good to go!

You are free to modify the repaint for personal use however if you wish to reupload an edited verison you must contact me via
PM first!

Fellowsfilm forums:

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Very nice reskin pack!
Can tell a lot of hard work and effort has gone into making them, keep up the good work and thanks for sharing them :)
thankyou who ever you are ;) !
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