First Network Cotterell repaint for E500MMC "facelift"

First Network Cotterell repaint for E500MMC "facelift" V2.0.0

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First Network Cotterell repaint for E500 MMC "facelift"

Thankyou to @THE PH6NT0M for allowing me to
upload it to the Fellowsfilm forums.

The colours and logo's are originally by @THE PH6NT0M

Do NOT re-upload without permision anywhere!

Enviro 500MMC "facelift" by Winsome

winsome's OMSI Studio - Download

The repaint is for the 12.8M varient

After downloading the repaint drag the "Vehicles" folder into your OMSI 2 installation folder

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  1. First Network Cotterell repaint for E500MMC "facelift"

    The repaint has now been updated to meet the new requirements :)

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Stunning Reskin for the bus, I don't live in Bath sadly but iv saw pictures of this bus and its spot on mate, keep up the good work.