First Manchester HOF

First Manchester HOF 4.0

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Due to changes late last year, we now got changes
83 now will say Oldham Mumps Interchange now, as it does in real life when in the normal service before the early morning and late night change to Sholver

New service 80, just says Holts Estate via Lees now no matter if it goes towards there or not since it's a circular route

180 will now go to Oldham Bus Station like it does in real life now

184 will now go to Oldham Bus station like it does in real life now and only goes to Huddersfield

84 will replace 184 routes for Grotton, Uppermill and Manchester

425 will only go to Holts and 426 will go to Fitton Hill from the bus station at Oldham


81, there is now two services of 81, one that goes from Oldham to Derker and the other Oldham to Manchester

82 will replace the 83 for most of the day to Sholver and goes to Oldham Bus Station
Here's the updates and screenshots for the new version:
This is will be the last big update for this hof file, the only updates will be just minor changes or additions to go with the current timetables that first manchester are using:
Separated with {ALLEX} for the vantage routes, so now it has it's own section
Added vias to route V3 original
Added another destination to route V3 as it now will go to M.R.I
Added another destination for the 350, as it can now go to the Hospital in Ashton called Tameside hospital
Changed the via for the 425 from Abbeyhills to Glodwick
Added metroshuttle routes for stockport, Bolton and the now not operational Oldham in the metroshuttle section
Added all the school routes that weren't there in the file
And moved in the file the 788 because it's actually a school route into the section for school routes
Also puts dots in between the letters of RCHS for the destinations of 788
Added a school route for the 184 which goes to Saddleworth School/uppermill turnaround and then has a separate route to go to Oldham from the school which has a semi-fictional bottom sentence of School only meaning only school kids can come on this bus and off


The morning route of V3 goes to Manchester Royal Infirmary before it goes all the way to Manchester for the rest of the day


This destination of Tamside Hospital for the 350 is only because I saw it when I went Shopping at Ashton


Glodwick is the official place rather than just Abbeyhills

Mumps Metrolink.jpg

The free bus that was operated by First and Transport in Greater Manchester, this served Oldham when the Metrolink only went to one stop in Oldham in Mumps

184 School.jpg

The school run of 184 in the Citaro, in an WIP repaint that I will release (just got to fix the windows, it should have a tint not blackness)

Update Promo.jpg

All together
These changes are only edits of what is already there from the first two versions, the next version will have more routes/destinations:
Ammended the destination for the route 33, it doesn't go to Wigan but actually goes to Worsley
Added Interchange for routes going to Bolton
Changed the royal bolton for the hospital to R.B, changed Salford shopping centre to Salford S.C, changed the via for intu Trafford Centre to just Trafford Centre and Stakehill Industrial Estate to Stakehill I.E to fit on the destination on front of bus (London citybus)
Ammended the via, so now where the default route destination only has one line, it now has the first via with it on the bottom line so for example: for the route 17 to rochdale, it will say Rochdale via Middleton as the default and it will stay that way as well in this example
With the ammentments with the vias, I have added new ones such as for route 8 Manchester to Bolton, I have added Pendlebury and Farnworth to the via so now it will alternate between Salford Shop Centre and these vias
Also ammended the via for route 36, it's not Little Hutton it's actually Little Hulton
No routes now will show Ashton Bus Station for routes that go to Ashton, it will just be Ashton now
Change Street to now st. for the blinds on route 42
Added via to routes that didn't have vias in the first version except for routes V3, the routes that just go to Oldham that didn't have vias in first place (bus station and mumps), 149 to Manchester (when it went to Manchester) and 350 to Brookbottom and Mickelhurst and Ashton from those places
Added express to route X63

Screenshots (which are on the zip file as well):
33 Worsley.jpg

33- It should of been Worsley not Wigan like it was before

Ashton Change.jpg

No buses should have Ashton Bus station on it's display anymore, here is the 409 which goes Ashton and also has another via added to it as well

Express Addition.jpg

X63 now shows it's a Express route now


All routes that go to Bolton, now has the Bus station's name which is Interchange

Little Hulton via change.jpg

Now it's Little Hulton not Hutton

R.B Hospital via change.jpg

Because of the length of Royal Bolton Hospital, it wouldn't fit the display, so even though it's not realistic I had to abbrievate Royal Bolton

Salford S.C via change.jpg

Like the Hospital, I had to abbrievate Shopping Centre

Stakehull I.E via change.jpg

Again like the previous two vias, I had to abbreviate Industrial Estate for the night route of the 17

Trafford Centre via change.jpg

Just got rid of the intu name for the vias for Trafford Centre and here's the 100

Update Promo.jpg

All buses together all lined up
These are the changes and additions that I have made:
Added Vantage to the front and sides of the vantage routes
Ammended the route name for the route on the file 2 to Bolton on the normal default route, since it said just "Bolton" and not "2 Bolton"
Changed Express on the X39, to Expresso
On the Bolton side of the route 36, before it said just "Royal Bolton" and I have now put "Royal Bolton Hospital" like in the Manchester side
Changed the 68 destination from Farnworth, it should be intu Trafford Centre not I.T.C
Added a new normal first manchester route, it's the 788 and it goes Cardinal Langley RCHS - Alkrington
Added the Metroshuttle Manchester routes and number 1 has a peak and non peak version (peak goes to Spinningfields)



Metroshuttle 3:
Metrolink 3.jpg



All together:
First Manchester Promo Update 1.jpg