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A hof file containing displays currently and previously operated routes by First Manchester. Works for any buses that use Krueger, Vollmatrix, and ANNAX displays, so that means they don't need a texture (i.e London Citybus) and won't work for buses like the London Spec Transbus ALX 400 where you need a texture.

Due to the Limitations in OMSI 2 with displays, they are not as realistic layout wise especially the destinations that don't have a via or even a second line but I have tried to make them as realistic as possible. Also this hof file is not for any map wise, it just for show.

Now some of the previous routes that were operated by First Manchester have been adapted to present day for example, the 58 did run to The Trafford centre when it was just called that before it was replaced by the 56 until that went and now no buses run to the Trafford centre from Oldham but in the present day, it's now called intu The Trafford Centre, so that's what I put in the display.

Future updates will include the School routes, metroshuttle routes and some more vias where there isn't any as some routes do tend to go the same destination but in a different way, so I will put them at some point

First Manchester Promo.jpg

This zip file contains only the hof file. To install this, open up the bus folder for the bus you want to install it to, and copy/paste it into there. (You should see folders at the top saying 'Model', 'Script', 'Sound', etc. If you do, this is the correct folder to put the hof in).

This modification does not require any prerequisites.
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