First Buses - Eastern Counties - Ipswich Reds &  Standard Ipswich Livery

V3D ALX400 (B7TL) First Buses - Eastern Counties - Ipswich Reds & Standard Ipswich Livery 1.1

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This livery is based On First Eastern Counties Ipswich Reds And Ipswich livery!
Its a Replica of the Volvo Bodied ALX400s Livery

Within this repaint:
Real colors and textures representing the real-life product.
Real seat texture representing the real-life product.



Installation instructions can be found in the readme.



Some Source Images - CAlex274396
Bus: Original model Developer - Team Belevenis/V3D
Seat And Floor Textures - Team Belevenis/V3D

This repaint was uploaded to so if you find this repaint anywhere else please notify me.
this repaint was uploaded by Ironmanfrost5
thanks, I hope you enjoy it!
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Latest Reviews

Great repaint! However, one small issue, the logos aren't accurate. I have uploaded an Ipswich Reds logo for people to use in their repaints. If you do use it, please credit me in the readme file or on the download page. You can download it here:
There is very little differnce between the logos on my reapints and on your download my friend. So I see no need to make a change.
Excellent repaint!
Thank You Mate!
hello, these are very good repaints and i would like to hep you improve this repaints. my name is Martyn (ignore the profile name) i previously worked for ipswich buses and im now based at first bus in ipswich. i can help you with the logos on this. message me and i will try to help you
First off, I do like these. However there are numerous small things that let them down a bit - a few things look rushed like the logo above the door on the Reds and the different angles used for the blue front and lilac rear on the Olympia livery to name just two. Don't get me wrong, they are both nice repaints, but I think they could do with a little more work before they're properly up to scratch.
Lack off assets due to lockdown and someone wanted them on demand and they where made in a day and half for there screenshots and stuff so they wasn't exactly made to perfection.