Fire System Pressure Ok - Citaro Facelift UK - ibis_startup mod

Fire System Pressure Ok - Citaro Facelift UK - ibis_startup mod 1.0.0

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Mercedes-Benz Citaro ibis_Startup Mod by Reece Emilio Prime
for Lowlander21's Mercedes-Benz Citaro UK
This Mod is based on 2009 Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift 12m demonstrators in the UK (BN09 FWR/BN09 FWS)
Drag the "Vehicles" folder into your OMSI2 directory.
And that's it! Now your bus has a "Fire System Pressure Ok" Sound effect!

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Reece Emilio Prime
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Amazing mod to add extra realism!
Reece Emilio Prime
Reece Emilio Prime
Thanks you! :)