Farthington Demo

Farthington Demo 1.3.4

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Lovely map! I live near St.ives, and it looks really close to real life! Hopefully we get the fukk version soon!
It's a good map but for a British map it doesn't make sense to have the People speaking German.
Hi good map. but could you possibly add more speed bumps mostly bus the bus station. Can you also add more bus stops to the on the demo and make the passengers press the bell about 10 seconds before the bus stop. Not 100 miles away. Other than that its perfect. Keep up the good work
Really good map for omsi 2 i really like the detell if you expanded it it will be epic
Five stars!! just when is this coming out of demo mode? i mean are you going to add more routes or make R1 longer or what? or is the Ai route gonna be driveable? If more stuff was added i would probably spend hours on this map!!
This is a good map. Most English maps get released and aren't good but this is simply stunning. You are very talented and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
how do I get the first company bus
Amazing! I have done some mods to it for my use only. (Added the bus way for use) Love it. Make more maps as they look awesome!
Very high quality map. The updated resources in the download even fixed a few niggles I had had with a couple of other UK drive on the left maps.
Fabulous Map! Gotta be the best out there, I can drive on it for hours. - Just get bored on others... :)
Best British map so far. Even though its a short route i can spend hours in this map.
that is a seriously good uk map. Keep it up:)
Great update to such a wonderful map. Update has resurrected many happy memories driving and i'm sure there'll be many more.