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Leyland Fleetline (Linked in Readme file)
Welcome to Farthington!

1.3 update
I've fixed a whole lot of small, persistant issues in this update. Most notably I've updated (almost) all the road markings on my own road components to be compatible with the latest version of Roadhog's pack, and I've updated the version of Roadhog's pack to match, so there are no longer any compatibility issues. Hooray!

I've also made a few small optimisations in and around the town centre, as well as tidying up a few bits and pieces here and there. Don't expect anything revolutionary, but you might find things just a little bit smoother now.

There's also a other minor tweaks like appropriate registrations, English speaking passengers and more appropriate AI traffic, so all in all you should have a slightly yet significantly better experience :)

Farthington is a moderately sized market town, set in the Cambridgeshire Fens. It is home to a small, independent bus operator, Kestrel, and is soon to be home to a Guided Busway. The map is currently in its infancy, with a single line - the route 001, a special service running from the town centre via the Park and Ride to the bus depot. There is also one AI line, the 208. The route has a scheduled time of 12 minutes end-to-end, and operates with two buses. Take it easy, there's more than enough for the journey - sit back and watch the scenery go by!

Before using the map, you must read the readme fully, as it contains links to the external files you will need to use the map, as well as the settings you will need to use to run the map properly. If you find an issue, make sure you read the readme before posting about it.

The readme is located in OMSI 2\Documents\Farthington Demo

In spite of its size, Farthington is a fairly 'heavy' map on system resources, so you'll need a half-decent PC to get a reasonable framerate. This is largely due to inefficient methods used in the map's construction. If you do get poor performance, try turning down the texture size or the AI, as these will improve your performance without taking too much away from the appearence of the map. There are bugs with the map - these are listed in the readme. I will try to fix as many of these as possible in future versions.

Full credits are given in the readme. If you find a fault with any of these credits, or find I have included something I am not entitled to, please let me know and I will rectify this ASAP.

Have fun!


How to navigate Farthington Park and Ride
I've seen a lot of confusion about this in videos, so here's a quick guide:

In addition, do not stop at Station Road (on your left after the pedestrian crossing in Farthington) as this is a Guided Busway services only stop.

You may find logos and suggested colour schemes for Kestrel, the map's bus company, in the OMSI 2\Documents\Farthington Demo\Livery folder. I have included two versions of the logo for different time periods. Unfortunately all of the buses in the depot wear the wrong ones, but I can fix that later...

Is this it?

Maybe. I'm looking at picking it back up again, but there's a lot to do.
I have a problem...
Please read the readme before you post it here. If you do post, please include your logfile in spoiler tags.
Can I modify the map?
Full redistribution permissions are included in the readme file.
Will we ever get to drive the busway?
Probably not, unless the OMSI devs make a working busway mechanic. Of course, there's nothing to stop you driving along it in an off-service bus...
I get poor performance...
Sorry about that, I'll be trying to optimise the map for low-spec PCs in future versions.
Tips for those new to left-path maps
Remember that we drive on the left side of the road, and our speeds are in Miles Per Hour (MPH) for some daft reason! Here's a rough conversion guide:

20mph = 35kph
30mph = 50kph
40mph = 65kph
60mph = 100kph

Note that a lot of the left-path buses available are from Hong Kong, and will have speedometers which read in KPH.

Have fun!

- Chris
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Latest Reviews

A truly excellent map, love it very much.
This, as the description already says, is what you can expect from this fictional map:

• An about 6 mi long route, route "001"
• Typically beautiful UK countryside
• Authentic-looking road infrastructure
• Lovely old Leyland Fleetline buses as AI (which don't cause extreme lag, for me anyway)

The map is also great to test out new (and probably also own) buses, to see how they perform, on flat land, curves, roundabouts, slight inclines and slight drops in terrain.

In conclusion, I can say great job, I can only applaud map creators who don't give up and actually finish and release their work, even if it's just a "Demo", and, even though it is very unlikely, I still hope this map will get an extension some day. Thank you for creating Farthington, whistlehead! :D
Incredibly detailed map! Also to my surprise, it seems to be very consistent in frame rate, until of course you get to the park and ride (many static AI vehicles) but absolutely does not detract from this amazing map. It's also bigger than I expected. The attention to detail is superb. I'm going to be doing a lot of bus runs on this map. If only more maps were this enjoyable to drive on. Also, it's very easy to install, just follow the instructions and the map will be ready to drive in less than 5 mins. If you're not bothered about the Leyland fleet, the Mercedes Benz Citaro is a great alternative (just remember for this bus to adjust the driver's position in the bus file so you can see the right wing mirror). Enjoy!
A lovely map in a truly delightful setting. Farthington is one of those maps where you find yourself thinking you might like to live there - and then you remember it's fictional. It's just a shame that the designer has moved on and seems to have left it behind. But, that's life, I suppose. Anyway, my sincere thanks for giving us all a taste of this brilliant little map.
Lovely map! I live near St.ives, and it looks really close to real life! Hopefully we get the fukk version soon!
It's a good map but for a British map it doesn't make sense to have the People speaking German.
Hi good map. but could you possibly add more speed bumps mostly bus the bus station. Can you also add more bus stops to the on the demo and make the passengers press the bell about 10 seconds before the bus stop. Not 100 miles away. Other than that its perfect. Keep up the good work
Really good map for omsi 2 i really like the detell if you expanded it it will be epic
Five stars!! just when is this coming out of demo mode? i mean are you going to add more routes or make R1 longer or what? or is the Ai route gonna be driveable? If more stuff was added i would probably spend hours on this map!!
This is a good map. Most English maps get released and aren't good but this is simply stunning. You are very talented and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.
how do I get the first company bus