Fainsa Cosmic Bus Seat Blender File

Fainsa Cosmic Bus Seat Blender File

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This is a blender model of Fainsa Cosmic bus seats to use in your developments.

It is recommended that you only download this file if you know how to use it correctly through Blender.

Model: ALX400 Bus Train and Aviation
Enhancements: The_Growl
UV Map Help: Lemon
Templates: The Leeds Lad

Enjoy :)
First release
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4.00 star(s) 2 reviews

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  1. General Fix

    - Scaled to the correct size for a correctly scaled bus -Textures have been packed into the...

Latest Reviews

It's good to see you're vastly improving with your development skills. It's also great to see you've uploaded something that all the community can use.

Room for improvements: Now, no blender file will be 100% accurate. However, I do feel like you could've done a few things better with your seats.

- Ensure the dimensions are correct. Most seats have a width of an average human - 45cm. I can tell by looking in the blender files that the seats are far too oversized. This will make it difficult for the general developer to know what size things may need to be scaled too.

- There are a few normal issues. Not everything has been smoothed out properly. This leads to lumpy looking faces.

-Stray faces/edges: You want to ensure that you tidy up all stray faces and edges. Especially on the seat back.

-Packing textures into blender file: Remember, pack your textures into your blender file. This makes it simple for the user to set up (see my Telmac/Urban90/Driver Seat). You can find this option in "File>External Data>Pack All Into Blend File"

Sum up: Good to see all the effort you've put in. Hope to see more of your developments. When developing your next seats, remember to always draw a boxy outline first, prior to adding detailing. Also remember to try and keep the faces as tidy as possible.
Thanks, will look into getting what was outlined fixed :)
nice but i cant use it any model cause there all locked XD
You can open it using blender by opening the app, and clicking Open and getting the file from there. Or set .blend files to open using blender by Right Click, Properties, and where it says open with, change it to blender.