Externiture Bus Stop Pack

Externiture Bus Stop Pack 1.0

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Author: BlueOrange
Release: Externiture Bus Stops Pack
Version: v1.0


Drag the SceneryObjects folder and Fonts folder over your OMSI 2 folder - Simple
NOTE: If it comes up with "REPLACE" then you most likely have this already installed.

This pack contains many different models for bus stop poles flags, and timetables.
To use this properly, put the pole 0.25m above the ground (if on pavement) so that it shows the little bit of dirt at the
bottom (some extra detail). The stop indicator pole has a "label" which is put on to the roundal at the top. Each flag has
the name of the stop, and where the buses are heading to on them. There are 4 flags, each with different amounts of bus
routes which serve the location. Repainting should be fairly straight forward, as the textures are self explanatory.

You are allowed to redistribute this with your map, as long as credits are posted, with a link to the original download
You are allowed to use this in payware, but only if you contact me first via Fellowsfilm Forums
You are not allowed to reupload this to any site, as it is a fellowsfilm exclusive.
You are allowed to retexture this, but only if you put it in a map specific folder, so it does not override the original.

Myself - creation of this content
Rhys - Dealing with my incompetence whilst trying to get Text Textures working
Externiture - Providing the measurements of the original bus stop poles, flags, timetable cases, and other things.


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