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EXTENSION Patch V1.0 for C400R Driver & Passenger View Enhancement Pack. 2017-08-14

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As requested this pack is an extension to my original release to cover the further new variants of the C400 recently released.
It covers both of the following --
Dennis Trident Sounds for C400R 1.0
by Tom1791
Krueger++ mod for London Citybus 400 Regional 1.1
by PZ 8904
The extension patch follows the same format as the original release
Option 1 - Install the full pack
Option 2 - Install the full pack minus the increased Drivers F.O.V. view.
Option 3 - Install the passenger views ONLY, ALL Drivers views stay ORIGINAL.
NOTE if Option 1 or 2 is installed the original Manual regarding the dashboard view will be incorrect, the Home key being paired to the Ticket M/C.
After downloading the zip file due to multiple options it is recommended that you unzip to a temp location of your choice.
Refer to the Read me enclosed in the Zip file, for all the installation options.
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amazing was thinking of this a week ago if this was going to happen thank u