Enviro 200 MMC Repaint Templates

Enviro 200 MMC Repaint Templates

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V3D'S Enviro 200 MMC - ADL Enviro 200 MMC
Photoshop and Paint.net versions of the repaint templates for V3D's E200MMC 8.9m and 11.5m variants.

These have been set up to correctly use the repaint templates, so no more unbaked E200MMCs shall be seen!
There is also a guide layer to help you understand what every part does on the template.


How to use:

Simply paint on the "Paint layer", and any extra layers you may need to create directly above it. Make sure you keep the paint layers set to blend mode: normal so they layers don't clash. More instructions on how to use the templates can be found in the readme.


@Sambob_12 - Compiling templates into .psd and .pdn versions, and correctly setting up the layers
@V3D - Creating the bus and the templates
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thank you thank you. finally an easy to follow repaint template
Really useful for beginner repainters.