Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack

Enviro 200 Enhancement Pack 1.0a

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GX7767 Enviro 200: https://gx7767.wixsite.com/studio/kmb-adl-e2
Enviro 200 Sounds: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B-vJElsQi6rbT2xSUWhacWhITnM/view

The long awaited upgrade to the HK Enviro 200 is here. This first version gives you the generic interior along with a few repaints. Hanover displays for most UK maps are also included.


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Its a good enhancement pack for the Enviro 200 but the only problem i'm getting is that the sounds are way too quiet..is it ment to be like that? Still a nice pack though!
Nice, but you don't seem to have included the Nuneaton route 48 repaint with it..
That will be released with the stagecoach pack
Amazing mod for the Enviro 200 removing almost all HK features. One thing though but I am being picky and kind of hypocritical considering I made the same mistake as you. Unless this is purposely (why I didn't give 4 stars) you should've used the default texture for the Enviro 200 seats which is https://imgur.com/a/yOKnsna (I got that from lubukesh so don't thank me) You used the Go-Ahead London seats. Just a heads up!
Ahh excellent, I found the same texture online however it was cropped slightly so that it didnt make a repeatable pattern. Thanks for the review
I like this mod , the whole idea is fabulous. I have found one problem. The sounds are bad quality. They sound as if they have not been created properly. The retarder is awful when it kicks in. Please make or find better sounds
Its good detail and everything but I cant appear to get any sounds.. I have installed everything but cant seem to get them to worl
looks amazing can you do one in the enviro 500 please. thanks
Looks amazing! and is amazing! this is hands down the best mod for this bus in the UK forums! thank you!
Really good. I love it, however i cannot use the Hannover displays ERIC+ machine. (It's all in chinese) . If you could update it with English textures, that would be amazing!
I have converted all that is actually used. All you need to do when you load the bus is click the up and down buttons on the ERIC machine to select the destination.
cant drive it : drive/ hand brake off NOTHING
To select a gear make sure you're applying the footbrake. Then change from neutral into drive.
Amazing! Can you do a West Coast Motors bus please?