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Enviro 200 (Allison/ZF) Sound Mod 1.0

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Thanks for viewing the Enviro 200 Sound Mod.
The mod recreates the sounds of an Enviro 200 based on a 2007 model (GN07DLV)

Huge thanks to the following people:
Badger - For kindly providing sounds to work with to make the sound mod
Napthalene - For kindly letting me modify and use the ZF Ecolife gearbox

You will need the original Enviro 200 pre installed for this mod to work:
I also recommend downloading the following mods, but these are not necessary:
Enviro E200 Arriva Interior Patch - Jake Williams

omsimods - LeedsLad

No files will need to be overwritten during installation. Please refer to the included readme for more information.

Enjoy! Constructive feedback most welcome. Please note this is my first time creating a gearbox so it is not anywhere near perfect, but gives a general idea of an Allison 2100.
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What went well (WWW)
The sounds are pretty accurate and nice. It is also nice driving hearing a loud kicking turbo

Even Better If (EBI)
The gearbox is messed up and I had to switch to the old gearbox. This is because it jolts and at times it does not sound or feel nice to drive.

To conclude this I think this would be potentially a great sound mod but the gearbox drags it down and for those people who don't know how to change the gearbox to the other one this is not the mod for you. If this is still in W.I.P then maybe a next update could have some optimisation.

Thanks, ~ N . W
Thanks for your review. I understand the gearbox can be very glitchy especially under lower framerates. I am about to release a much improved one and following your suggestion I will ensure the bus can be driven with the original gearbox without someone having to manually change it :)