Dublin Bus Repaint For V3D's ALX400 B7TL

V3D ALX400 (B7TL) Dublin Bus Repaint For V3D's ALX400 B7TL 3.0

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Hello everyone :)

I've decided to make a Dublin Bus Repaint for the ALX400 B7TL because the Transbus ALX400 already has some.

Thank you for downloading
Enjoy :)

All of the things in the folder are made by me!

Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_05_47.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_00.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_41.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_05_47.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_00.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_41.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_47.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_06_52.png
Omsi 2 23_05_2020 16_07_04.png
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Latest Reviews

Excellent repaint!
Thank Owen, I'm glad you like it.
look good and b7tl been in service since 2000
Yes and thanks for downloading. The B7TL has been owned by Volvo in Dublin since 2004.
Interiorwise, this repaint is fine, give or take the grey needs to be a bit lighter. Exteriorwise - and this sure is critical - it isn't great. For starters, the Dublin Bus/Bus Atha Cliath logos on both nearside and offside are weirdly placed. If anything, they should be above the skirt panel line instead of directly on it. I can also see that you've used an inconsistent font for the offside when you probably could have sufficed with Arial Bold.

The TfI logo appears to be oversized and slightly too bold compared to the real thing, and the logos on the back for both TfI and Dublin Bus need swapping around.

What stood out quite a lot for me, though, is the alleged swoop by the rear of the bus. Instead of a smooth, downward slope like the real bus, you've just stuck an angular line onto a flat line and called it a day. I can also see you've not accounted for the front headlight panels - while I know they are a pain to line up, at least try and have a go putting some lines on instead of paintbucketing them completely blue. Also, you can also add the Volvo Alexander badges back onto the front using the setvars.

I mean, if you're relatively new here, I think it's a good shot at a Dublin Bus livery, something to start off of. Unfortunately, it just need quite a bit of work to be up to a more-or-less realistic standard.
@Hullian111 I do appreciate you downloading this bus repaint, as I am new to this they will get better in the future, I do have to agree with you on the front of the bus, It certainly isn't great, the back I suppose I could work on. For the fond I used Dubai Medium because it looks quite similar in real life. The old TFI logo I can fix, and by that I mean I can put the new one on it. Just the problem that I first saw was the front was certainly a bit off. As you said it is hard to line it up. Overall I do agree with you and it certainly can be better. I am looking at updating it even before you put this review up. I will se what I can do to make this a fun bus to drive for you.
I really love the Dublin Bus repaints but I haven't actually seen on irl. But well done with this repaint!
Hello :), I'm glad you like the repaint and thanks for downloading. Yes the Volvo B7TL has been in service in Dublin since 2004. Nowadays they are hard to find as the most common bus in Dublin is the Volvo Gemini 2 or Gemini 3.