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Double Decker v1

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I mean it's not a bus and is not useful but it is SOOOOOOOO TASTY MMMMHMMMM
I Thought This Was A Joke But It Is Actually Amazing! :D
First, if I see this in video, I think that this is only joke, but if I see it in more videos, so I searching for this and I found. Really fun! xD
Has all of the features a REAL double decker needs. And my goodness, is that engine sound not beautiful? 50/2 would eat it again.
OMG, Its So Tasty! Any Fish Fingers And Custard Anyone?
10/10 would eat it again :D
Nice Sound Effects. FOOD!
i saw this and thought... I AM GETTING THIS!!! - I opened it up and when i drove it and i heard it going Nom nom nom nom!!! I laughed so hard!! Great job with this!!! HA HA HA
nom nom nom nom - genius
could do with a reverse sound of mon mon mon mon xD
You could tell this year is going to be great by this bus