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Dennis Trident (2002) Sound Mod for C400R 3.0

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This mod recreates the sounds of a 2002 era Dennis Trident on the modern C400R.
There will be two variants, a standard trident and a trident with a squeaky turbo.

You will need the C400R pack installed previously for the mod to work:
[UKDT] London Citybus 400R

The download will not need to write over any files. A read me is included with the download with further information on installation/distribution.

Thank you and enjoy! Constructive feedback is most welcome

A demo is seen here:
Check the video description or more information about the demo.
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Latest Reviews

excellent repaint though the door sound is very very short especially with my door mod I created
i like it and can i have the map that you are driving in the video
Good sound mod, improves the C400 by 100%
goood sound for this bus
It's not a bad sound mod. The sounds are on point as is the gearbox but the sounds at the front of the bus sound quite muffled and unclear, which is my only pet hate and it would be a 5 from me if the sounds from the front were clearer and not so muffled. The revised DIWA gearbox is on point as well as is the screaming turbo. Not a bad job! Well done!
Thanks for the review mate, and thanks for the feedback I will see if I can sort this for the future. I know in particular the idle sound seems to refuse to play clearly at the front of the bus :)
Definately brings back memories of travelling on 53 plate tridents in my local area. Best mod i have downloaded. Thanks for this
Thanks very much for the kind review :)
If you want a broken game i suggest you install it, i've not been able to use the C400R After installing this and now after uninstalling my Citybus and this mod, and then reinstalling the C400R, it still persists and says that the trident mod is still present.
This is very odd as there has been around 180 downloads on fellowsfilm alone, atleast 20 of this version and has been checked by myself and very kindly by the moderators too before it was approved, so I am not aware of any problem. The mod should create a brand new bus and not write over any files from the original bus so nothing should break at all. If you give me more details I can try and help.
Just Sounds Realistic :D
Great Dennis trident sound for theLondon citybus sounds the ones I have where I live
It's an ok mod, but it sounds a bit off from what a Trident 2 sounds like. Love the Turbo Sequel though!