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Dennis Enviro 500 mmc hybrid and "facelift" mod 1.0

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Changes door scripts for all Enviro 500 MMC and MMC "facelift" buses so that they close faster so you don't have to wait an eternity for them to close.
For the Enviro 500 MMC hybrid, changes battery scripts so that they last longer and you can actually drive in electric mode as before i could never get electric mode on the bus, increases electric motor speed so you can drive the bus up to 20kph before the diesel engine kicks in and increases the governor speed limit so it can go up to around 83kph.
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Really good mod, does the job

But could you also make a new version for the v3 e500mmc hybrid because this mod doesn't work with it.
To do that you just need to overwrite the new files with the old mod and it should all work fine