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Daytonford County: 1995-2015 1.02

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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the current Aussiex downtime, there are certain dependencies which are listed below, which are unavailable for download. Unfortunately, Fellowsfilm can take no responsibility for this.

Yufa's Objects:
TerrainSpline v6:
Renameable Depot Welcome Signs:

Objects from Great Grundorf 2:

User Vehicles-

Mercedes-Benz O405 Camo:
Mercedes-Benz O520,
Mercedes-Benz O530,
Mercedes-Benz O530G,
All available from:
Solaris BVG:

AI Vehicles-
Toyota Echo Versa,
Toyota Hiace,
Both available from:
Welcome to the latest iteration of Daytonford! I finally believe this map has gone as far as it can. It is in a position where it feels American without the need to use any extra add-on content.

This map is only available for OMSI 2 and will not run on OMSI 1.
You may wish to take this map further and release it. This is at the full discretion of the moderators here and should at the minimum match the quality of this release. It should only be uploaded here at Fellowsfilm.


What’s New?
  • A whole new road network in the centre of Daytonford
  • A whole new road network in Fairview
  • Changes to the road network at Sun Valley and Northtown Center
  • New areas such as Maple Creek and North Tulse
  • New road and pavement textures
  • A Centram service that runs right across the city
  • Reymount is back with a new nearby town known as West Rosewood
  • New route network and company development over the 20 years with 19 routes available to drive (some are withdrawn in the final few chronos)

A- “The Building Begins”
Claren Park begins development

B- “Progress is being made...”
Claren Park continues being developed and Roads around Daytonford are slowly being replaced

C- “Nearly there...”
Claren Park is a few months away from being completed

D- “Come on in!”
Claren Park is now served by the 205 during the day

E- “Getting smoother!”
Roads are being replaced and new bus stop flags are getting fitted

F- “It's the little things”
Passenger numbers have picked up due to the more comfortable ride brought to the area by new roads and newer buses

G- “Your bus is coming in...”
New route displays have been fitted to some stops to show when the next bus is coming. This causes an FPS hit, move back to Chrono F if need be


Supporting Files
In OMSI 2/Daytonford_Documents/1995-2015 you should find:
  • An IBIS Code sheet (Should also be in-game as a linienlisten)
  • A Route Plan by Brendan Fox
  • A Read-Me
Extract the OMSI 2 folder to your Steamapps/Common folder.
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Latest Reviews

i cant find route 206 in the map
It's a nice map and I always like chronological events, but so far, I haven't actually had any passengers on my bus. I've driven routes 312 and 314. I don't think the problem is the number of people visible on the map as I checked my settings and they are fine on all other maps.
hi i have recently downloaded this map and cannot get any of the add on due to ausseix and other sites being down can anyone be willing to help me thanks
I've downloaded everything so its not missing splines or objects. It still shows nothing but blank and i'm wondering if i need to get the other vehicles?
The vehicles are required, in hindsight I should have done an alternate AI List. This map was originally released a couple of years ago and I no longer have access to the sim itself
I've had no issues with it so far and seems like a good map, although it could do with a hella' lot more scenery. I do like the AI planes landing on the runway at the airport though, nice touch.
Its a relatively old map now and compared to what the guys here have now, it has a lot of blank space that is filled on more optimised maps. I definitely agree it could be taken up a level but sadly that won't be by me
  • Deleted member
  • 5.00 star(s)
  • Version: 1.02
Nice map, thoroughly enjoyed driving on it earlier today!
love it apart from the lag spikes a lovely map